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Essential Free Consultation That You Need to Get Started with Apple Pay for BigCommerce

In your free consultation, BAMS will provide everything you need to get started driving increased BigCommerce mobile conversion rates with the power of Apple Pay.

Free Consultation

Free Consultation

BAMS will provide everything you need to get started, including the simple steps to implement Apple Pay for BigCommerce.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

You'll meet with experts in Apple Pay who will teach you how to optimize your BigCommerce store for Apple Pay from day one.



The BAMS team will go above and beyond to ensure that your Apple Pay setup is continually optimized for the best results.

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Your Apple Pay consultation with BAMS is no-commitment and risk-free, ensuring that you can learn the value of Apple Pay and how it can benefit your eCommerce business at no cost.

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    Apple Pay and BigCommerce

    BigCommerce makes it easy to add Apple Pay to your website, and BAMS will share the best practices and what to avoid so you can start seeing the benefits right away.

    Apple Pay and BigCommerce

    Easy Set Up

    BigCommerce merchants can activate Apple Pay on websites in just a few steps, and BAMS will show you just how easy it is to start improving your mobile conversion rates and increasing sales volume.

    Best Practices

    The BAMS team will walk you through the best practices when implementing Apple Pay for BigCommerce and provide everything you need to feel confident in your Apple Pay implementation.

    What to Avoid

    BAMS provides the expert assistance you need to ensure that your site supports Apple Pay and what you should avoid in your Apple Pay implementation to drive the best results.

    Apple Pay Benefits for BigCommerce Merchants

    Apple Pay provides significant benefits for BigCommerce merchants, especially when it comes to increasing mobile conversion rates and increasing revenue from your mobile visitors.

    Apple Pay and BigCommerce

    Easy Set Up

    One of the biggest challenges that merchants face when it comes to mobile conversions lies solely with the name, address, and payment details that consumers have to enter via their mobile device. Apple Pay provides a method for increasing conversions by eliminating the need for customers to enter this information prior to making a purchase. With Touch ID and/or Face ID, customers using their iPhones or iPads to make purchases can check out in a single touch and finger swipe.

    Apple Pay and BigCommerce

    Express Checkout

    With Express Checkout, your customers can complete their purchase in a single touch and finger swipe on your website or app without needing to enter in any information or take any additional steps. Customers can click the Apple Pay button, either in their cart or even directly from a product page, then swipe with their finger to instantly complete their purchase.

    By incorporating Apple Pay into your individual product pages, it becomes even easier for customers to make a purchase right as they are making the decision. No more needing to add items to a cart, enter a payment method, enter billing and shipping information, confirm the purchase, and then waiting for an email confirmation. They can simply click Apple Pay, make the purchase, and go on with their day — simple, convenient, and powerful.

    Apple Pay and BigCommerce

    Inline Setup

    Inline Setup empowers your customers to use Apple Pay to purchase goods in your eCommerce shop, even if they have not set up their Apple Pay accounts or chosen payment methods. If a customer has not signed up for Apple Pay yet but has a compatible device, Apple Pay can detect a potential new user. The customer will receive a message that Apple Pay is available and they will be shown instructions for how to set it up directly on your website without leaving your site.

    Shoppers can then set up their Apple Pay payment methods and information right from within the cart on your site, ensuring that no one navigates away and forgets to complete the checkout process. Increase conversions and revenue by converting more of your customers to using Apple Pay as their default payment method with this easy Inline Setup process.

    Apple Pay and BigCommerce

    Data Security and Fraud Prevention

    Customers value their data in today’s complicated world. They do not want to be sharing their personal information with every eCommerce company that they would like to purchase from, but in the past it was unavoidable. Not anymore, thanks to Apple Pay which provides a secure, safe method for making purchases online without exposing merchants to customers’ sensitive data.

    Merchants do not have to receive or store sensitive customer data when they choose to pay with Apple Pay. Apple Pay provides the data that the merchant needs to complete the transaction, without needing to send your customer’s actual credit or debit card information to you.

    Every single transaction that your customers make through Apple Pay is verified with Face ID, Touch ID, or their personal passcode. This means that there is a far lower chance of fraudulent transactions occurring when customers use Apple Pay, and fewer headaches for your business.

    BAMS Merchant Account for E-Commerce with Next Day Funding

    BAMS is uniquely tailored to provide the best-in-class eCommerce payment processing platform for your merchant needs. With our strong support system, fully transparent pricing model, and efficient, powerful payment processing platform, your business will have everything necessary for significant growth.

    Seamless Integrations

    Seamless Integrations

    BAMS is integrated into your existing eCommerce software and virtual POS systems. This means that you do not have to change anything in order to start working with BAMS. Popular integrations include:

    • BigCommerce
    • Authorize.Net
    • Magento
    • CyberSource
    • WooCommerce
    • Volusion
    Reporting and Analytics

    Reporting and Analytics

    Once you have signed up with BAMS, you gain access to IRIS CRM, an all-in- one solution that streamlines your eCommerce operations and ensures that you can maximize your profit. Features enabled by IRIS CRM include:

    • Daily deposit with a searchable transaction history
    • Daily transactions by card time
    • Multi-account access to keep track of unlimited businesses or locations in one platform
    • Statements for efficient reporting
    Chargeback Defense

    Chargeback Defense

    The Chargeback Defense feature provides BAMS merchants with the tools you need to defend against costly chargebacks. With Chargeback Defense from BAMS, merchants receive:

    • Instant Dispute Alerts
    • Online Dispute Management
    • eCommerce Fraud Prevention
    • Cardholder Authentication
    • eCommerce Chargeback Assistance

    Risk-Free Apple Pay Consultation

    Your Apple Pay consultation with BAMS is offered risk-free, ensuring that you can learn the value of Apple Pay and how it can benefit your specific business without any cost beyond a few minutes of your time. This is a 100% no commitment offer without any strings attached.

    If you are ready to learn how Apple Pay can benefit your eCommerce business, sign up for your consultation with BAMS today. We will go through how we can help set up Apple Pay, share the value of Apple Pay for your specific business, and offer helpful tips and advice for growing your eCommerce business.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will Apple Pay really help me to grow my eCommerce business?

    Yes! By simplifying the checkout process for every customer with an Apple Pay-compatible device, you are increasing the odds that they convert from simply browsing to making that first purchase. Once they see how easy it is to buy from your eCommerce store, first-time customers will quickly become revenue.

    Do I need to switch to BAMS for payment processing in order to add Apple Pay to my website?

    No, you are not required to choose BAMS as your payment processing solution in order to add Apple Pay as a payment method for customers of your eCommerce webshop. If you do choose to sign up for a free consultation, our team will share how BAMS can help to set up and optimize Apple Pay for your web store, as well as the additional benefits of signing up with BAMS as your payment processor. If you decide that you are not interested in switching payment processors, no worries — we are simply here to provide the information so you can make the most informed decision.

    Why should I sign up for this free Apple Pay consultation with BAMS?

    The Apple Pay consultation with BAMS is 100% informational and risk-free. No hard-selling, no pressure — we are simply sharing the benefits that Apple Pay could provide for your business and guiding you through a step-by-step process for how BAMS would assist with the Apple Pay set up and optimization process. If you decide to sign up with BAMS to help set up Apple Pay and provide payment services for your business, that is great! We welcome you as a client and look forward to providing best-in-class service and payment processing solutions to help you grow your business to new heights.

    What do I actually get when I sign up for this free consultation?

    When you sign up for your free Apple Pay consultation with BAMS, you will receive risk-free insights into your business and how Apple Pay could help you scale growth, increase conversions, and improve your sales volume from day one.

    Do I need to switch payment processors to BAMS if I sign up for the consultation?

    No, signing up for the free Apple Pay consultation with BAMS is completely risk-free and no-commitment. We just want to share the information with you so that you have everything you need to make the most informed decision on whether you should implement Apple Pay, and how you should go about doing so.