Month: December 2017

Checkout with Apple Pay for Ecommerce Mobile
Featured Article Checkout with Apple Pay for Ecommerce: How to Capture More Orders from Mobile Devices

Mobile commerce is a subsector of ecommerce and describes all purchases made on a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet. With smartphones an integral part of daily life and rarely more than an arm’s length away, mobile commerce has become a huge driver of overall online shopping and mobile sales in the U.S. alone […]

POS merchant account services system Benefits of a Low Priced Yet Quality Merchant Account Provider
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It is axiomatic to regard merchant account service providers with low pricing as deceptive enterprises with notorious tactics ready to exploit loopholes they keep hidden in drudgery contracts. Since the advent of e-commerce and the necessity of third-party payment processors, businesses interpret more or high pricing as better or premium service.

NYC Network local business payment processor Why New Yorkers Should Use a Payment Processor Based in NYC
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Big cities each have their own unique traits, and in one as large as NYC, there are enough of them that they make significant impacts on how business is done. There are local regulations, business payment expectations, and demands that may not exist halfway across the country. For this reason, it’s a good idea to […]

Woman using online banking on smartphone to see her next-day funding Make Sure Your Merchant Account Offers Next Day Funding
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Many merchant processors only offer funding for completed transactions with a two- or three-day delay. If you’re used to this, you may not realize how much this is affecting your business, but it shouldn’t take much thought before you can think of some problems it has caused. New businesspeople can also easily envision scenarios in which […]