Why a Local NYC Merchant Services Provider is a Good Option

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New York City is one of the biggest cities in the world and is the home to many businesses of all sizes. For those that are based out of New York City, having access to a local merchant services provider would be very beneficial. There are several different benefits of hiring a New York City merchant services provider that can make it the best option for your business.


Payment Processing

One of the main benefits of having your merchant services provider be local is that they can provide you with quick payment processing. Today, the majority of all purchases are either made online or in a store using a credit card. This can create a bit of a cash flow problem for businesses as it can be a few days before they actually receive the cash from the credit card provider. When you use a local NYC merchant services provider, this wait time can be cut down dramatically. In many situations, you can actually receive your payment the next business day.


Quick Onsite Assistance

Another benefit of hiring a local merchant services provider is that they will be able to provide you with onsite assistance when necessary. While merchant services programs tend to work very well, there are situations in which you will need further assistance to either learn the system or troubleshoot a problem. While you can have some of these situations handled over the phone, it is normally much easier and efficient to have them handled in person. When you hire a local provider, they will be able to have a professional sent to your place of business quickly.


Due to the benefits of hiring a local merchant services provider, you should contact us to learn more about the services and benefits that we could provide to your organization.

Increase Employee Morale with Personalized Online Gift Cards

3D Rendering, shopping concept with gift card

Companies are constantly looking for ways to increase morale among their employees. Whether it’s recognizing hard work, a Christmas or birthday present or simply saying “Thank you!” for sticking with the company. The giver wants a unique way that will be appreciated and remembered.

That’s where original gift cards come in.

With gift cards online:

  • You are able to choose the venue. If you have several employees, you have several different opinions on what is special to them. With secure gift cards online, you are able to choose from several options from a relaxing massage to a concert to a night at a unique restaurant.
  • Choose your price based on your own budget. There is no minimum or maximum to what you are allowed.
  • Choose your own design: you might want a picture of the office gang, a special pet or your company’s logo. BAMS offers the ability to create your own specific design.
  • Your information is secureNBC News, for the second year in a row, highlighted the dangers of buying gift cards, from a hanger on a store or through unsecured online sites. There are increasing concerns over security and reports of gift cards being drained by technology thieves. BAMS offers the protection that is so important, particularly when you are gifting a valued employee.
  • Return to reorder or start a new order.We’ll remember you! In addition, you’ll receive special offers as a returning customer.
  • Convenience.

You don’t have to dash out or leave early to go to the mall. You won’t be wondering if you got the perfect give. And with secure gift cards online you are able to order quickly without leaving the comfort of your chair.

People are always looking for ways to stand out. And gift giving is no exception. Online gift cards, from a secure site, can be the perfect way to give that personal touch to someone you want to impress. Contact us for more information.

Understanding EMV Payment Card Technology

Credit Card Transaction Using the New Security Electronic Chip Technology EMV

Updating payment equipment by companies to chip cards with embedded microchips has added a level of security to businesses and their customers. Fraudulent transactions risk has significantly reduced due to chip cards technology. Implementing point-to-point encryption reduces payment card fraud from counterfeit cards. The liability shift from financial institutions favors applying EMV technology to great effects.

The only challenge which companies are facing is putting in place EMV systems that bonds seamlessly with their specific EMV hardware.

What is EMV?

EuroPay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV) is a form of payment that bonds plastic cards with microchips. EMV cards, unlike normal credit cards, generate particular code for every transaction its user makes. The issuing bank shares the code to ensure it is legitimate. The microchip codes generated cannot be replicated, thus ensuring security against creating counterfeit cards by thieves.

Why Create EMV Card?

To curb hackers from stealing and selling credit card information that creates counterfeit cards, EMV was developed. Creating a card that generates random codes for every transaction ensures a minimal chance for counterfeit cards. The challenge, however, is that EMV cards are only helpful where a card can be inserted or swiped into a point of sale. Tokenization and point-to-point encryption eliminate card data breaches.

What Entails EMV Compliance?

EMV compliance requires installing point-of-sale terminals which are EMV-enabled and certified by a particular bank and ensuring that payment application is EMV certified for every card network. Depending on user’s application of EMV compliance, the terminal cost ranges significantly. Users ensure these terminals are installed with the EMV-compliant software.

What are EMV Security Weaknesses?

EMV cards are only applied where payment cards can be used in a point of sale. Online transactions which are highly fraudulent are not protected. Payment card security experts have concluded that hackers can still access unencrypted payment information from personal account number by removing the codes generated. EMV reduces fraud while point-to-point encryption eliminates fraud.

Companies that use debit and credit cards as a form of payment should consider becoming EMV compliant to significantly reduce fraud while also providing other benefits to a company such as the liability shift. Contact us now for more information.

Get Your Money Faster with a BAMS Merchant Account

Writing on whiteboard a lightbulb and currency symbols (next day funding concept).

The one thing better than getting money is getting it faster. It used to be that with merchant accounts, getting your transaction money in the bank in 24 hours was considered fast. After all, there are still a few companies out there that take 3 days! Now, however, even 24 hours is slow. That’s because it’s possible to have the money in your account in just 12 hours.

More Business Flexibility


This is the main practical benefit of a 12-hour turnaround from transaction to funding. Transactions done in the morning can fund your inventory orders or pay your other bills that same night. This is great for just-in-time business models or for unexpected, urgent expenses.

Most of the time, however, the desire for faster payouts doesn’t arise from a specific plan. Instead, people inherently understand that they’re better off when there is less delay in funding. Then, when the time comes that money is needed right away, it’s there. It’s also always nicer to see your money in your bank account instead of pending on a merchant account screen.

Regardless of your reason for wanting faster payment settlement, our 12-hour funding merchant account has you covered. We also offer many other benefits with our accounts, like a free Authorize.net gateway and lower fees. This makes switching to a BAMS account a great business decision all around.

To eliminate the long wait for funding and cut your overall payment processing costs, just contact us today. We’ll be happy to get you set up with a superior merchant account right away.

Next Day Funding: A 12-Hour Transaction Payment Time Isn’t Just a Dream

Online Merchant

Waiting 24 to 48 hours for your merchant transactions to hit your bank account may not seem like a big deal when you first open a business. After all, a regular job would make you wait a week or two before you get paid. Soon, though, you will find that financial needs are different when you’re the owner of the company. Now, you have to have the financial flexibility to be able to pay for emergency needs right away or else start losing money.

Sudden cash needs arise from many different situations in business. If something breaks down, for example, customers may stay away until it is fixed. Therefore, you’ll want to be able to call a repair service immediately instead of waiting a day or two.

Another common scenario is an unexpected run on inventory. If you sell out of something, the next customers who want that item will leave disappointed and empty-handed. It makes sense to call your supplier for a restock as soon as you see that the item is running out so that your shelves don’t end up with a bare slot. This is easy to do if you have cash on hand, but if you have to wait two days for your merchant account to fund you, you’re out of luck.

Speed Up the Funding of Your Bank Account with Next Day Funding

To gain the financial flexibility you need in order to respond to these and other such situations in a timely way, you need a merchant account that will fund your bank account quickly. Here at BAMS, we’ll get your transaction money to you in just 12 hours! Next day funding! As you know, that can make the difference between whether or not you can successfully deal with unexpected events.

To learn more about next day funding and our merchant processing options, just contact us. We’ll be happy to work with you.