Five Top Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Tools for 2020

Top Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Tools
Top Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Tools

With each passing year, bad actors find newer and more creative ways to scam eCommerce stores, costing merchants and payment processors billions of dollars annually. With that in mind, it’s extremely important that online businesses take the necessary steps to minimize the chances of falling victim to online fraud, including all-too-common chargeback fraud. The following are three of the top fraud detection and prevention services available to merchants in 2020, each of which represents multiple layers of protection that can be applied to each and every transaction processed. 

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Alan Pendergrass Robes – BAMS Success Stories


At BAMS we are proud to help your business grow, and that’s why we want to introduce one of our clients’ success stories.

Alan Pendergrass Robes was founded 13 years ago in Chaffee, MO. Its founder Alan Pendergrass used to run his family business for many years before leaving and starting his own business (without the family).

Providing extremely fast shipping, extremely fast communication and keeping inventory in stock have been some of the keys to this business’s success.  Alan has also partnered with retail stores and spas to provide personalization or monogramming services to help make the robes stand out.

Alan was leery of making a change, having been put off by what he felt were misrepresentations by unethical companies he had dealt with in the past.

When he was first approached by us he did not make the switch right away, but the BAMS sales specialist Ashley Moore recontacted him a year later and he decided to give BAMS a chance.

Alan Pendergrass

So far BAMS 100% did what they said they would do with no hidden surprises.” – Alan Pendergrass

If you need to get some customized robes or learn more about Alan’s business please visit his website

Learn more about how a BAMS merchant account can save you money and boost your profitability today!


The Top Seven BigCommerce Integrations for 2020

BigCommerce is one of the most popular and most functional eCommerce platforms currently available, and one of the reasons the company enjoys the success it does is their commitment to working with 3rd party app developers. Those developers bring a constant stream of new applications and functionality to the core BigCommerce platform, ensuring store owners can streamline and customize all areas of operations to ensure optimum profitability. The BigCommerce app store is vast, but the following are five of the best apps available to merchants in 2020. 

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Could This New Legislation Open All POS Systems to 3rd Party Integrations?

New Legislation Open All POS Systems to 3rd Party Integrations
New Legislation Open All POS Systems to 3rd Party Integrations

In late 2019, a bipartisan bill was introduced to the United States Senate designed to seize back control over valuable user data from tech giants and return it to the users themselves by boosting portability. The Augmenting Compatibility and Competition by Enabling Service Switching Act, or ACCESS for short, aims to stop tech companies from walling off user data, making it harder for users to migrate their information from platform to platform, and, in some cases, even trapping them into certain ecosystems by making it too expensive to switch. While the bill legislation is primarily aimed at social media giants like Facebook, it has wide-ranging potential impacts, including on point-of-sale systems and the merchants that use them. 

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What Shopify’s Elimination of Transaction Credits on Refunds Fees Means for You

Alternatives to Shopify
Alternatives to Shopify

Refund fees are a reality of doing business. No matter how perfectly you hold up your end of a transaction, there will always be cases in which your buyers change their minds. As a merchant, it’s in your best interest to make that process as transparent and as straightforward for your buyers as possible, as a clear, frictionless refund policy is one of the keys to good customer service and to avoiding chargebacks. Theoretically, a return should essentially turn back the clock, making it as if a transaction never happened – the customer gets their money back, you get your merchandise back, and the payment processor refunds any fees paid by either side. But what if the payment processor refused to give you back your transaction fees so that every return – regardless of the reason – ended up costing you money? 

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