Month: March 2020

Checkout with Apple Pay for Ecommerce Mobile
Featured Article Checkout with Apple Pay for Ecommerce: How to Capture More Orders from Mobile Devices

Mobile commerce is a subsector of ecommerce and describes all purchases made on a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet. With smartphones an integral part of daily life and rarely more than an arm’s length away, mobile commerce has become a huge driver of overall online shopping and mobile sales in the U.S. alone […]

Top Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Tools Five Top Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Tools for 2020
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With each passing year, bad actors find newer and more creative ways to scam eCommerce stores, costing merchants and payment processors billions of dollars annually. With that in mind, it’s extremely important that online businesses take the necessary steps to minimize the chances of falling victim to online fraud, including all-too-common chargeback fraud. The following […]

ALAN PENDERGRASS ROBES Alan Pendergrass Robes – BAMS Success Stories
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At BAMS we are proud to help your business grow, and that’s why we want to introduce one of our clients’ success stories. Alan Pendergrass Robes was founded 13 years ago in Chaffee, MO. Its founder Alan Pendergrass used to run his family business for many years before leaving and starting his own business (without […]

The Top Seven BigCommerce Integrations for 2020 The Top Seven BigCommerce Integrations for 2020
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BigCommerce is one of the most popular and most functional eCommerce platforms currently available, and one of the reasons the company enjoys the success it does is their commitment to working with 3rd party app developers. Those developers bring a constant stream of new applications and functionality to the core BigCommerce platform, ensuring store owners […]

New Legislation Open All POS Systems to 3rd Party Integrations Could This New Legislation Open All POS Systems to 3rd Party Integrations?
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In late 2019, a bipartisan bill was introduced to the United States Senate designed to seize back control over valuable user data from tech giants and return it to the users themselves by boosting portability. The Augmenting Compatibility and Competition by Enabling Service Switching Act, or ACCESS for short, aims to stop tech companies from […]

Alternatives to Shopify What Shopify’s Elimination of Transaction Credits on Refunds Fees Means for You
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Refund fees are a reality of doing business. No matter how perfectly you hold up your end of a transaction, there will always be cases in which your buyers change their minds. As a merchant, it’s in your best interest to make that process as transparent and as straightforward for your buyers as possible, as […]