Month: April 2020

Checkout with Apple Pay for Ecommerce Mobile
Featured Article Checkout with Apple Pay for Ecommerce: How to Capture More Orders from Mobile Devices

Mobile commerce is a subsector of ecommerce and describes all purchases made on a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet. With smartphones an integral part of daily life and rarely more than an arm’s length away, mobile commerce has become a huge driver of overall online shopping and mobile sales in the U.S. alone […]

Magento 1 Merchants What to do About Magento 1’s Upcoming End of Life
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On June 30th, 2020, Magento 1 – one of the web’s oldest and most successful eCommerce platforms – will reach its end of life (EOL). The company’s new platform, Magento 2, offers improved architecture, faster loading times, better interfaces, and much more. As a result, many Magento merchants have already switched off of the old […]

WooCommerce over Shopify The Top WooCommerce Plugins for 2020 – How to Get the Most from Your WooCommerce Installation
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WordPress continues to dominate web publishing, and, as a result, WooCommerce now owns well over a quarter of the eCommerce space. With so many web stores running on WooCommerce, a sea of third-party applications have been developed to help those merchants get the most out of their online efforts. The following are four of the […]

Reduce Cart Abandonment Three Simple Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment
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Online cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems plaguing eCommerce merchants, with up to 80% of all carts ditched by users before payment can be processed. The amount of money lost to cart abandonment each year is staggering, so it isn’t surprising that most merchants are constantly looking for ways to see their customers […]

Clover POS Best Clover Apps for 2020 – Take Your Clover POS to the Next Level with these Plugins
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Clover is a popular POS system that provides both software and hardware solutions to merchants in industries like retail, service, and dining. In addition to their leading POS application and sleek hardware options like the Clover Mini and Clover Flex, the company also has an app store offering a huge variety of native and third-party […]

How can BAMS technology help you win more disputes? How can BAMS technology help you win more disputes?
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BAMS has pioneered a new dispute management tool that is included for all merchant clients and bundled into the already award-winning reporting system, IRIS.  BAMS Dispute Manager Assistant will make your life easier, and help you win disputes, by targeting four areas: Instant dispute notification Exportable reason code data Document uploads Notification of status changes

Best Pricing Is Tiered Pricing as Good as Interchange Plus Pricing?
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Partnering with the right payment processor can be the difference between a healthy profit and financial struggle for merchants in a wide variety of industries. While the features offered by merchant services companies are important, low transaction fees are understandably the primary concern of most businesses, and an important step in securing the lowest fees […]