How can BAMS technology help you win more disputes?

How can BAMS technology help you win more disputes?

BAMS has pioneered a new dispute management tool that is included for all merchant clients and bundled into the already award-winning reporting system, IRIS.  BAMS Dispute Manager Assistant will make your life easier, and help you win disputes, by targeting four areas:

  1. Instant dispute notification
  2. Exportable reason code data
  3. Document uploads
  4. Notification of status changes

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Merchants Beware: A Chargeback Defense Guide to Help You Avoid the Scourge of Ecommerce

Chargeback Defense

As a merchant, you take pride in providing the best service possible to each and every one of your customers. That’s why it can come as such a shock – even an insult – whenever a chargeback request comes in claiming that you failed to deliver on a transaction. While chargebacks are a reality of doing business, especially in card-not-present situations like eCommerce, there are steps you can take to avoid them outright and to fight back when they do pop up. The following represent six of the most effective strategies, and adhering to them will put you at a significant advantage when it comes to handling pesky dispute requests. 

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Part Two: Is an Ounce of Chargeback Prevention Worth A Pound of Cure?

Chargeback Prevention

In part one of this two-part series, we looked at some of the technology-based solutions merchants have available to them to catch fraud early on and stop it before it can result in chargebacks and lost revenues. In part two, we’ll look at the other side of the coin – legitimate chargebacks filed by customers who feel like they’ve been wronged. These chargebacks can’t always be avoided, and sometimes all a merchant can hope for is a fast and easy resolution. But there are steps that merchants can take to minimize the number of legitimate chargeback requests they face, and they all revolve around understanding the customer-side of the equation and elevating the quality of service provided. 

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Part One: Is an Ounce of Chargeback Prevention Worth A Pound of Cure?

Chargeback Prevention

A seller receives an order and delivers on their end of the bargain flawlessly, only to later find that the money they earned has been clawed back due to a chargeback. This is an all too common scenario, especially in commerce online where purchases are made without any physical, real-world interaction between customer and merchant. It’s also a scenario that can be incredibly costly for merchants in more ways than just lost revenues. Large retailers can afford to dedicate staff to dispute resolutions, but for smaller merchants, chargebacks are often poorly understood, let alone effectively handled. But, with a little bit of knowledge and some careful planning, merchants both large and small can significantly reduce their need to handle them at all by taking the necessary steps to ensure they don’t happen in the first place. In this two-part series, we’ll examine the most effective ways merchants can do just that, using both the fraud prevention tools available to them and some customer service best practices. 

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What Is Risk Scoring and How Can It Help You?

Risk Scoring

Minimizing risk is a task of great importance to everyone involved in online commerce and electronic payments, from the merchants right through to the credit card issuers. High fraud rates and chargeback rates can have a significant impact on merchants, even resulting in enrollment in chargeback and fraud monitoring programs that can carry hefty fees. Risk scoring is a tool to help merchants avoid those negative consequences by catching and stopping fraud as it happens, and more and more merchants are enlisting them in the never-ending fight against credit card fraud. 

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How Problematic Are Chargebacks for Business Owners?

Chargebacks for Business

Chargebacks are a reality of accepting credit card payments. While many chargebacks are requested for valid reasons, there are plenty of cases in which disputes are initiated despite the merchant holding up every aspect of their end of the bargain. Unfortunately, many merchants don’t really understand the dispute process, how to handle a chargeback, or the consequences that chargebacks represent to the health of their businesses. Those consequences can include unexpected drains on revenue, penalties levied by the card companies, and across-the-board rate increases. 

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5 Effective Tips to Win More Chargebacks


Chargebacks are a reality of accepting card payments, and no merchant doing any significant volume can avoid them altogether. Sometimes a chargeback is outright fraudulent, and many are the result of poor customer service or misunderstandings between merchants and customers. But whatever the reason may be, merchants need to be ready to fight back when disputes arise. Knowing how to respond is the key to success, and the following five tips represent effective ways to improve dispute responses to ensure more victories and less lost revenues. 

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How Your Business Can Protect Itself Against Chargebacks

Chargeback Protection

Chargebacks are an unfortunate reality of accepting credit card payments, but they aren’t something businesses have to lie down and accept without a fight. Some chargebacks are completely legitimate, like cases where a purchase was made fraudulently by a third party. But many chargebacks are fraudulent, frivolous, or abuses of the system. In those cases, there is no reason for a company to accept losing the revenue, the product, and the additional chargeback penalty, and fighting back is in order.  

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Why Chargeback Defense Is Important?

Chargeback Defense

There are only so many parts of running a business that you can prepare for. Like many aspects of life, it’s difficult to truly understand what it takes to be a successful business owner until you’re in the thick of it.

For example, one thing that no one tells you about starting a business is just how problematic chargebacks can be to an owner’s bottom line. Individually, these fees may not add up to much, but when underestimated and mismanaged, they can end up costing you big time.

When searching for the right payment processing solutions for your business, consider the importance of chargeback defense.

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Why BAMS Is The Perfect Solution For Your E-commerce Business?

E-commerce Business

Over the past decade, the world of e-commerce business has completely transformed consumer purchasing behaviors. Practically everything you once had to procure in-person can now be purchased from the convenience of your couch through a series of clicks, taps, and confirmation emails.

In fact, 1.79 billion people worldwide made a purchase online in 2018, with that number expected to grow to 2.14 billion by 2021. The moral of the story: your customers are shopping online with money that’s burning a hole in their pocket.

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