Get Your Money Faster with a BAMS Merchant Account

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The one thing better than getting money is getting it faster. It used to be that with merchant accounts, getting your transaction money in the bank in 24 hours was considered fast. After all, there are still a few companies out there that take 3 days! Now, however, even 24 hours is slow. That’s because it’s possible to have the money in your account in just 12 hours.

More Business Flexibility


This is the main practical benefit of a 12-hour turnaround from transaction to funding. Transactions done in the morning can fund your inventory orders or pay your other bills that same night. This is great for just-in-time business models or for unexpected, urgent expenses.

Most of the time, however, the desire for faster payouts doesn’t arise from a specific plan. Instead, people inherently understand that they’re better off when there is less delay in funding. Then, when the time comes that money is needed right away, it’s there. It’s also always nicer to see your money in your bank account instead of pending on a merchant account screen.

Regardless of your reason for wanting faster payment settlement, our 12-hour funding merchant account has you covered. We also offer many other benefits with our accounts, like a free gateway and lower fees. This makes switching to a BAMS account a great business decision all around.

To eliminate the long wait for funding and cut your overall payment processing costs, just contact us today. We’ll be happy to get you set up with a superior merchant account right away.

Next Day Funding: A 12-Hour Transaction Payment Time Isn’t Just a Dream

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Waiting 24 to 48 hours for your merchant transactions to hit your bank account may not seem like a big deal when you first open a business. After all, a regular job would make you wait a week or two before you get paid. Soon, though, you will find that financial needs are different when you’re the owner of the company. Now, you have to have the financial flexibility to be able to pay for emergency needs right away or else start losing money.

Sudden cash needs arise from many different situations in business. If something breaks down, for example, customers may stay away until it is fixed. Therefore, you’ll want to be able to call a repair service immediately instead of waiting a day or two.

Another common scenario is an unexpected run on inventory. If you sell out of something, the next customers who want that item will leave disappointed and empty-handed. It makes sense to call your supplier for a restock as soon as you see that the item is running out so that your shelves don’t end up with a bare slot. This is easy to do if you have cash on hand, but if you have to wait two days for your merchant account to fund you, you’re out of luck.

Speed Up the Funding of Your Bank Account with Next Day Funding

To gain the financial flexibility you need in order to respond to these and other such situations in a timely way, you need a merchant account that will fund your bank account quickly. Here at BAMS, we’ll get your transaction money to you in just 12 hours! Next day funding! As you know, that can make the difference between whether or not you can successfully deal with unexpected events.

To learn more about next day funding and our merchant processing options, just contact us. We’ll be happy to work with you.


Make Sure Your Merchant Account Offers Next-Day Funding

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Many merchant processors only offer funding for completed transactions after a two- or three-day delay. If you’re used to this, you may not realize how much this is affecting your business, but it shouldn’t take much thought before you can think of some problems it has caused. New businesspeople can also easily envision scenarios in which a delay in the funding of a bank account can cause plenty of problems. Here are some scenarios that are caused by funding lag:

1. An inability to meet a bill’s deadline. While some think that this “shouldn’t” be a problem for companies, the fact is that in the real world, it’s often a big issue. When you plan on having $X, XXX in your account by a certain date and it isn’t there because your payment processor hasn’t sent it on through, you can easily be unable to pay a supplier or contractor on time. This causes unnecessary dents in your reputation.

2. You can miss out on discounts. Like retailers, wholesalers sometimes run limited-time offers. If you have to wait to get your money, you could miss out on them.

3. Hesitancy in making decisions. When your merchant account doesn’t pay on a predictable basis, you have to wait and see when the money will come in. This effect is especially bad if the payment processor gives a range, such as 2-3 days, instead of committing to a hard deadline for payment completion.

To get set up with a merchant account that pays on the very next day after your transactions settle, just contact us here at BAMS. We’ll be glad to get you started with our next-day funding!

3 Ways Waiting For Your Processor Is Slowing You Down

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Money is the grease that keeps your business moving. Products, employees – keeping all those gears spinning is how your business gains and keeps its forward momentum. For cash transactions, making sure you get paid fast is easy, but what about your credit card processor?

Many merchant service providers can take days to turn your transactions around and get them into your bank. This can cause extra friction that may be slowing you down. Here are 3 ways hanging on to a slow processor is throwing a wrench in your business.


The way you purchase products and materials for your business can save you money. Many vendors offer volume pricing or discounts for quick payments. If your card processor is holding your funds it can be difficult to take advantage of these offers. If you are missing out on these discounts your processor is costing you money.


If you are waiting for money to come in so is your accountant. Slow transfers make for slow bookkeeping. That means waiting to produce important documents for banks & creditors. It also means your inventory turnover rate is longer, which can make you look like a bad investment. If your processor can’t keep up can you afford to wait for them?

Money availability

When you are waiting to be paid, so is everyone else. This can be solved by working with a processor who has next day funding. Even if you are not struggling now many businesses are one emergency purchase away from potentially being unable to make important payments on time. This is something no business can afford – your vendors and your employees expect to be paid on time, so should you.

All merchant services providers are not created equal. Many big-name processors can take more than half a week to turn over your funds. At BAMS, keeping your business moving is how we keep ours moving too. Your time is valuable, that is why we offer next day processing. Contact us now and lose your old processor, before everything grinds to a halt.

Faster Cash Flow with Next Day Funding

Faster Cash Flows with Next Day Funding

For businesses that use credit card payment systems, getting their funds is the challenging part. The standard cash flow payout system that banks give to companies sometimes inconveniences businesses when they urgently need the funds. Next day funding systems cut through this gap and offer companies their deposits a day earlier than normal. So, why do you need a fast payout?

Fastens the ACH network

Merchant accounts receive funds into their accounts after two business days using the ACH network. The system processes the merchants overnight between bank accounts and businesses end up receiving their funds two days later. What Next day funding does is it allows the merchant’s service provider to process your request on the same day and start the fund’s transfer into the ACH network before the cut-off time. This system then deposits in the merchant’s bank account on the next day.

Improves efficiency of your company

Delays slow businesses down. Merchants that have high sales, especially during the weekends, usually expect their profits in their accounts by Monday. Improved cash flow enables the activities to run smoothly, and it also allows the firms to grow. Next day funding allows your company to meet the flexibility it needs in running daily operations, keep the books up to date, and make payments quickly without waiting for 2-4 business days.

It’s cheaper to process

Service providers ask for minimal fees when handling this sort of payments. The costs depend on the processing volumes your firm does in a day and on your sales. No additional transaction fees as required by the providers and businesses save more money and enjoy better profits. So, whether you are processing Visa or MasterCard, American Express or Discover the merchant account provider should assure that your funds are in your accounts faster.