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Check Merchant Services
Check Services

Accept more check payments with less risk and a higher level of protection against fraudulent and returned checks. TeleCheck uses leading risk assessment technology, extensive check writer negative and activity databases to evaluate the risk of accepting a check. We offer both Verification and Warranty Service options so you can determine the risk coverage level that is right for your organization.

In addition, we offer Electronic Check Acceptance (ECA), where checks can be converted to electronic transactions at the POS to streamline processing and get you your money faster. And with our TeleCheck Pro21 Settlement option, not only can you process consumer checks electronically, non-consumer checks such as B2B checks, can now be sent electronically too, saving you time and money.




If you accept orders for your products and services via the Internet, over the phone or simply want to offer your customers another convenient payment option at your establishment, accepting checks via BAMS' ACH services is a valuable addition to your payment processing account.