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ACH Electronic Checks
ACH Electronic

Offering your customers a wide array of payment options is essential. While most everyone has a credit or debit card, there are still a significant number of consumers who prefer to pay via check. Whether you accept orders for your products and services by phone, or simply want to offer your customers another convenient payment option in your retail store at the point of sale, accepting checks via BAMS' ACH services is a valuable addition to your payment processing account.

BAMS offers ACH services via the USAePay Gateway and Digital EFT network interface. Digital EFT POS Conversion DEFT POS with funds guarantee allows retailers to electronically deposit checks presented by their customer's at the point of sale. Perfect for merchants who want to feel more secure in accepting checks while also eliminating the need to go to the bank often to deposit them.



ACH Services
Itemized ach
Application & Gateway Setup Per ACH Transaction Fee Funds Guarantee Monthly Maintenance Fee Monthly Minimum
Costs $299 $0.25 1.89% $10 $12.50
*Monthly Minimum is charged only if your check processing fees do not equal or exceed $12.50