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Custom Gift Cards

Custom Gift Cards

Our unique Gift Card solution provides merchants of all sizes increased traffic to their businesses, increased sales, improved brand awareness and higher ratio of customer satisfaction.

The BAMS Custom Gift card program allows merchants to completely customize their own gift cards and card carriers. Our gift card program is easy to implement, sell and track!

Below are some of the benefits of Custom BAMS Gift Cards.



Enhance your brand

  • Connect with your consumers and build your brand awareness while at the same time earning guaranteed money whether the gift card is redeemed or not.
  • A gift card recipient is receiving a positive endorsement of your business from the card purchaser.
  • Pre-paid dollars make your business the destination for the recipient.
  • Gift cards attract new customers.

Keep profits in-house

  • Some merchants opt to use "store credit" via gift cards for merchandise returns.
  • Balance on activated cards is held by the merchant if/when they are redeemed.
  • Gift cards reduce fraud and is inexpensive to accept as a form of payment.

Ease of use

  • Magnetic swipe technology is compatible with most terminals.
  • Gift card POS applications require a short set of simple commands, requiring little employee training.
  • Transaction fees are lower than interchange charged for credit card purchases.

Fraud Protection

  • Gift cards have greater protection and are activated through a POS transaction versus paper certificates.
  • Card balances are maintained on a remote host for security.

Streamlined implementation

  • Simple sign-up forms.
  • Different programs are available to suit merchants of any size.
  • Launch your gift card program within weeks!
BAMS Custom Gift Card Artwork Requirements

You must have a BAMS Merchant Account to utilize the cards in your business and they are compatible with most popular credit card terminals.


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