• 1. Verify that your industry type is set up correctly.

    Industry misclassification is a financial risk that you are exposed to when payment processors do not take the time to understand your business and can lead to higher expenses. The first step of our review is to ensure that your account is set up correctly.

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  • 2. Determine pricing and eliminate unnecessary fees.

    Most payment processors do not expect you to dig deeply into your monthly bills. BAMS specializes in working with businesses to uncover price hikes and hidden fees. We will help you to understand which fees can be lowered or eliminated by switching to BAMS through a detailed side by side comparison.

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  • 3. Ensure benefit from latest payments regulations.

    When the regulatory environment changes, merchant accounts are not always adjusted by payment processors to keep up with the benefits those changes may offer. We will ensure that your business is taking advantage of the most up-to-date pricing regulations that are available to you.

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  • 4. Review your payment gateway or POS terminal setup.

    How you accept card payments can be just as important to your bottom line as the types of cards that you accept. A BAMS analyst will closely review your current acceptance method, whether it is an eCommerce payment gateway or a terminal, and make recommendations to ensure that you are doing everything you can to lower expenses.

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  • 5. You Save!

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