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Since 2014, over 40% of U.S. smartphone users have been iPhone users. Every day, more and more of those iPhone users are adopting Apple Pay, the convenient, cashless, and contactless payment option built into their phone’s operating system.

That means businesses that don’t want to be left behind should be incorporating Apple Pay into their payment processing for in-person, online, and (if applicable) in-app purchases.


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Apple Pay Improves Sales Volume

Apple Pay Improves Sales Volume

Apple Pay’s ease of use and security represent major advantages driving consumer adoption, but there is an additional phenomenon driving the platform’s success – the comfort and connection that millennials and members of Generation Z feel with Apple products and the brand as a whole. According to Visa, millennials – who will make up 75 percent of the workforce and account for 46 percent of all income by 2025 – already make 55% of their purchases with debit or credit cards.  Gen Z is set to surpass that, with over 50% of Zoomers already enjoying prime credit scores and a higher level of credit activity than their millennial counterparts. They also make the most discretionary purchases of any generation. When it comes to sales volume, these young consumers matter.

With Apple Pay set to facilitate one out of every ten card payments by 2025, it’s clear that adopting the platform represents a crucial way to connect with those lucrative millennial and Gen Z consumers. And with 80% of young shoppers making impulse buys at least once a year, enabling those snap purchase decisions represents a surefire way to boost your sales volume by tapping into sales you wouldn’t otherwise make without the frictionless shopping experience offered by Apple Pay. Making it simple and easy for young consumers – especially the Zoomers who have debit cards but not credit cards – to make purchases, especially online, is a surefire way to help ensure those consumers make more of the discretionary purchases they already love to make.

The reality is that, for young consumers, while Visa, Mastercard, and bank debit cards represent tools and effectively nothing more, Apple – and in turn, Apple Pay – represents a deep, emotional brand connection and a lifestyle choice. That makes offering Apple Pay an absolute must for all merchants looking to pump up their sales volume by harnessing the purchasing power of millennials and Gen Z.

At BAMS, our priority is YOU — our customers — and everything we do is designed to make it easier for you to accept and manage payments in your business.

All BAMS clients are able to accept Apple Pay seamlessly, using our stress-free payment processing platform. All our in- person merchants need is a terminal that includes contactless payment (most current technology has this built-in)!

We also support two other popular smartphone-based payment options: Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

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Working With BAMS

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