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BAMS has experts who specialize in the specific needs of the B2B industry. Let us show you how our proprietary payment software helps you save on corporate cards with interchange optimization.

How Does BAMS Help Businesses That Accept Corporate Cards?

Credit cards are assessed a clearing fee by banks called interchange. Interchange is charged on every transaction and usually makes up 80-90% of the total acceptance costs displayed on your statement. Corporate, business and government cards are considered Level 2 and Level 3 types of cards. By properly being set up to process Level 2 and Level 3 transactions, BAMS helps businesses to pay the lowest interchange available.

How Much Can Level 2 and Level 3 Software Save For B2B Payment Solutions?

Most businesses that sell to other businesses, associations, government agencies and wholesalers qualify for specific interchange categories. These interchange categories are accessible when processing through Level 3 enabled software. By using BAMS’ proprietary software, your business would be properly configured for your industry in the eyes of the credit card associations to deliver savings as high as 50% lower interchange compared to standard retail, keyed-in and e-commerce transactions.

A card which has fallen into the Commercial Standard Interchange Reimbursement Fee category would be charged 2.95% while that same transaction processed through Level 3 would have been charged only 1.90% as interchange. When running $5,000 through a Level 3 enabled merchant account, the interchange expense of that transaction would be decreased from $147.60 down to $95.10! These are savings you cannot receive from a processor simply lowering your discount rates.

Amount Processed Standard Interchange Reimbursement Fee Cost Level 3 Cost
$5,000 $147 $95
$10,000 $295 $190
$20,000 $590 $380
$50,000 $1,475 $950
$100,000 $2,950 $1,900

How Do You Accept Level 2 and Level 3 Transactions?

Manually entering the required Level 2 and Level 3 processing details can be a never-ending headache. Thankfully, BAMS can automate this process. Checking for Level 2 and Level 3 interchange optimization eligibility is just one part of the BAMS 5-Step Price Comparison.

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