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Developers  Bookkeepers

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Alliance Partner
Territory Manager
Sales Agent
Referral Partner
Compensation above costs: 75%+ 50%+ 50%+ 10%+
Access to IRIS
Endorse BAMS
Source Qualified Prospects
Submit Statements for Analysis
Industry training
Facilitate the Sale
Create Proposals
Present BAMS Value Proposition
Completes Application
Gather Supporting Documents
Conduct Hardware/Software Conversions
Offer Limited Customer Support
Recruit Additional Agents
Maintain Exclusivity in Community
Attend Training Conferences
Visa and MasterCard Registration
White Labeled Brand Identity
Administrative Account Maintenance
Offer In-House Customer Support
  • Compensation schedule is flexible depending on level of involvement / productivity commitments.
  • All percentages are based on GROSS income above Schedule A costs. No overhead fees are assessed.
  • All BAMS affiliates are enabled with use of IRIS – a sales and customer service accelerating portal.
  • Receive a unique web page and code tying back all the referrals to you.