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Are you looking for a eCommerce Payment Gateway? BAMS merchant accounts integrate with all major payment gateways, allowing you to enjoy the guaranteed low pricing and unparalleled services that only a BAMS account can offer with zero hassle. We handle all online payment gateway processors and can help with all credit card payment gateway solutions.

Payment Gateway Ecommerce - Online Payment Gateway Solutions

Payment Gateway

Your payment gateway is an invisible part of your checkout process, but it plays an incredibly important role — encrypting and transmitting your customers’ sensitive payment information to your payment processor.

The right payment gateway will provide your customers with the smoothest, fastest checkout possible while also ensuring maximum security and minimum exposure to fraud risk. That makes your gateway a crucial cog in keeping your ecommerce business up, running, and growing.

As a BAMS merchant, you’ll gain access to not only the best payment gateway solutions available today, but also to a team of experienced payment gateway experts that treat you like a true partner and understand that our success is derived entirely from enabling yours.

Gateway Processors

Payment Gateway Processors

BAMS merchant accounts offer some of the widest payment gateway compatibility in the industry, ensuring getting your business set up to accept online payments will be as frictionless as possible.

Regardless of your company’s operational needs, the existing payment and ecommerce systems you’re already using, and your team’s level of technical expertise, getting set up with the right payment gateway services is a breeze, because a BAMS merchant account means a faster integration and the elimination of the time, money, and headache associated with expensive migrations and setups.

It also means you’ll enjoy the long list of benefits only available by partnering with an industry leader like BAMS, including:


Full access to all of the top payment gateways on the market.


An industry-best team of dedicated experts ready to support your business whenever you need us.


Guaranteed low pricing on your transaction fees thanks to our interchange-plus pricing model.


Advanced fraud protection and chargeback defense programs.

Why Use BAMS As Your Main Payment Gateway Account?

24 - 7 Service
Accept 24/7 electronic payments over the web regardless of customer location. Modern consumers expect to be able to shop when and where it’s most convenient for them, and partnering with BAMS enables you to serve your customers even after your official business hours are over. A delayed sale is a potentially lost sale, and giving a customer the option to buy on the spot, even from bed or in the early hours of the morning, can have a huge impact on revenues.
Easy Integration
Select any payment gateway you want and integrate your merchant account with ease. More choice means you’ll always be able to access the right tools to meet your needs. Whether you’re a brand new merchant starting out or an established business with existing ecommerce and payment systems already in place, a BAMS merchant account ensures you’ll never have to compromise.
Create, send, and automate electronic invoices for one-time and recurring payments. The only thing better than getting paid once is getting paid over and over again, making subscription models and recurring services a boon for your business. With BAMS payment gateway solutions, you can automate recurring invoicing and payments to make maintaining weekly, monthly, and annual transactions a set-and-forget process.
Ensure your customers’ sensitive payment gateway data is always fully safe and secure. The boom in ecommerce over the past two years has also led to a boom in cyberattacks, making the protection of sensitive customer payment data more important than ever. BAMS payment gateways offer a variety of tools designed to help secure customer data, both during transmission and when stored on your systems for recurring payments. With BAMS payment gateway solutions, you can wall off bad actors and limit your company’s liability and exposure to fines in the rare event a breach does occur.
Fraud Prevention
Stay ahead of fraud with the automatic filtering offered by the most leading payment gateway. Fraudulent transactions have the potential to cost your business significant money, and it’s important to take a proactive approach towards catching and stopping fraud before it has the chance to do any damage. Most BAMS payment gateway partners offer automatic fraud detection and filtering tools, adding an additional layer of protection to your payment processing and ensuring you won’t have to worry about the lost revenues and other costs associated with chargeback abuse and fraud.
Payment Gateway
Open up new revenue sources using our payment gateway during tight economic times. When times get tough, only the most adaptable businesses survive and thrive. In the wake of COVID-19, countless businesses all across the world were forced to quickly adopt online, mobile, and contactless payments in order to keep up with shifting consumer trends. BAMS merchant accounts and payment gateway products represent a fast, easy way for businesses of all sizes to expand their sales channels and ensure long-term health, even during economic emergencies.

Payment Gateway Credit Card Processing - Perfect Gateway Payment Solutions

Whether you’re a brand new merchant getting set up online, or you’ve been selling online for years and are looking to make a switch, there is no more flexible, more affordable, or more merchant-friendly option than a BAMS payment gateway account. Use us today for payment gateway solutions. It’s never been easier.

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How Do Payment Gateways Work

What is a payment gateway and how can you use our merchant account?

Payment gateways are the systems that facilitate electronic credit card transactions whenever a customer makes a purchase on an ecommerce site or pays for goods or services over the web. The gateway handles the entry of the customer’s credit card information, the secure transmission of that data to the payment processor, and the returned acceptance or denial that alerts the merchant whether or not it’s safe to proceed. It’s effectively a digital cash register that doesn’t require an attendant and never needs to be closed! Any web payment gateway can be processed.

Your payment gateway is a mission-critical piece of ecommerce software because it enables your website’s checkout system, connects your site to your merchant account, and gives you the option to send one-time and recurring invoices to clients via email, chat, or even through SMS. The payment gateway also acts as a major part of the payment security system that ensures hackers and thieves can’t intercept and access the important personal and credit card information of your clients.

All that makes choosing a payment gateway an important business decision, and BAMS payment gateway accounts are designed specifically to maximize the choice available to you.

BAMS Merchant Accounts Offers the Ultimate Payment Gateway in Compatibility and Choice

A BAMS merchant account integrates seamlessly with effectively every major payment gateway on the market today, making BAMS the ultimate in merchant flexibility.

For new merchants, that flexibility means you can sign on with BAMS with complete confidence that you’ll be able to select and easily employ whichever gateway best suits your needs. For established merchants, it means you can switch to BAMS without any friction regardless of the hardware or software solutions you already use, enabling you to gain all the benefits of our industry-leading interchange-plus pricing and service options with zero headaches.

Just some of the leading payment gateways BAMS integrates with include:

<a target="_blank" href="">NMI</a>





Braintree by PayPal

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay

Google Pay

Google Pay

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay


PayTrace Payment Link




Paya Network

and many more

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Benefits Offered by Some of BAMS’ Top Payment Gateway Partners

There are a host of benefits that come along with integrating your BAMS account with a top payment gateway. From additional payment options, to reduced fraud and increased security, to faster billing, working with BAMS allows you to enjoy all the advanced features the industry’s top payment gateways have to offer.

gateway credit card processing

Accept Payments Anytime, Anywhere

A payment gateway opens up the entire world to you through the web and allows you to accept card payments from customers anywhere, at any time. You’ll no longer be constrained by things like your store’s location or your business hours, and you can serve your customers – both local and abroad – better by providing them with the 24/7 convenience of online shopping. With BAMS payment gateway solutions, you can accept all major credit cards, digital wallet payments, and even eChecks, completely securely and with zero hassle for either your business or your customers.

Streamline Invoicing

Streamline Invoicing and Recurring Payments

The leading payment gateway solutions BAMS integrates with all allow you to increase revenues by automating your invoicing and setting up recurring payments for your contract and subscription-based customers. With streamlined recurring billing, you’ll spend less time chasing down customers and manually creating invoices, and more time growing your business, as payments roll in automatically period after period with zero effort required on your end.

Prevent Fraud

Get the Jump on Fraudsters

Many of the top payment gateways BAMS integrates with, like Authorize.Net, provide advanced fraud detection tools to help catch suspicious transactions before they can be processed. Advanced filters use everything from customer IP data to shipping address verification to transaction volume and velocity, and beyond to check each transaction against a database of hundreds of thousands of known fraud cases. A combination of preset rules, triggers, and even advance AI systems can then make instantaneous decisions about any given transaction’s potential for fraud. The result is that you’ll have an extra layer of fraud protection to help minimize both the losses associated with fraudulent transactions and the impact they can have on your rates.

Transaction Security

Beef Up Your Transaction Security

A good payment gateway acts as part of the security apparatus that keeps your customers’ sensitive payment data safe from bad actors. BAMS support of customer data tokenization allows you to securely accept, store, and update customer payment data, allowing your customers to checkout faster without having to constantly re-enter their information. It also makes achieving PCI compliance more straightforward, making your life easier and protecting you from the hefty card issuer fines that noncompliance can bring.

Get started with your free five-point price comparison and find out how much a BAMS merchant account could be saving you today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a payment gateway, or can I do business without one?

Whether you’re selling online or in-store, you can’t accept electronic payments without some type of payment gateway. Even the debit pad at the front checkout of a store is a type of payment gateway! Online, payment gateways are critical pieces of ecommerce software, and while some platforms come with one built-in, in most cases, you’ll need a gateway solution from a leading third-party provider to be able to process transactions.

Who are the leading gateway providers?

There are dozens of fantastic gateway providers currently offering a variety of solutions, and the best one for your business depends largely on your individual needs. Some of the leaders include Authorize.Net, USAePay, and NMI, and a BAMS specialist can help you decide which system is the ideal one for you.

Do I need to purchase my payment gateway services directly from the provider?

Absolutely not! While you do have the option to get your payment gateway services straight from the third-party provider of your choice, as a BAMS merchant, we can offer you one-stop shopping for everything you need to keep your ecommerce business running smoothly and growing consistently. By partnering with all the top gateway providers in the industry, we can provide you with a number of great options as part of your BAMS services, minimizing complexity and enabling you to focus on running your business instead of juggling vendors.

Do I need a payment gateway, or can I do business without one?

Whether you’re selling online or in-store, you can’t accept electronic payments without some type of payment gateway. Even the debit pad at the front checkout of a store is a type of payment gateway! Online, payment gateways are critical pieces of ecommerce software, and while some platforms come with one built-in, in most cases, you’ll need a gateway solution from a leading third-party provider to be able to process transactions.