Over 50+ Integrations

To ensure we can do the most for our clients, BAMS is able to accommodate over 50 hardware and software integrations, with that number always growing. No matter what gateway, shopping cart or e-Commerce platform you prefer to use, BAMS can work with it while continuing to provide the same high level of service and savings.

Chargeback Defense Programs

Disputed transactions can be especially hazardous in the eCommerce market, so BAMS employs a variety of programs to help prevent and fight them. Through preventative actions, early notification and a portal to streamline the arbitration process, BAMS gives your clients the best chance to retain their hard-earned revenue.

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Partner with BAMS

We continue to grow as a result of our valuable referral partnerships. So, let’s talk about the various ways we can make a difference in delivering value to both your clients and you. We can deliver additional savings to clients with a group wholesale processing rate when multiple accounts are placed through the same source. You can also earn a residual income stream for each member that becomes a BAMS client or pass those savings along!

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