Instant Dispute Alerts:

Clients are notified of incoming disputes by SMS and email on day zero.

Notifications through BAMS arrive faster than with payment processors that rely on postal mail.

Know. Respond. Win.

Hello Ashley this is BAMS.
received a chargeback in the amount of $21.7 on 01/22.
Hello Ashley this is BAMS.
received a retrieval request: $24.5,
Date of Tnx: 01/22. Please call 800-858-1166 within 30 days to resolve this dispute.
  • Receive instant dispute notifications via SMS or e-mail.
  • Reduce "no response" chargebacks.
  • Export your chargeback history to Excel.
  • Receive instant retrieval notifications via SMS or e-mail.
  • Monitor expiring retrievals prior to their due date.
  • Export your retrieval history to Excel.

Online Dispute Management

BAMS has access to a variety of dispute management programs which allow you to respond and fight your disputes from one convenient location. Your staff will no longer need to call customer support or fax any documents to fight disputes allowing you to retain the revenue which you have earned!

E-Commerce Fraud Protection

BAMS has partnered with Verifi to stop chargebacks before they happen. By leveraging the Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network as a proven chargeback solution, BAMS enables cardholder disputes for fraud and non-fraud reasons to be shared directly between issuers and merchants. Participating in CDRN has become a widely adopted solution for eCommerce merchants and part of best practices within their operations.

E-Commerce Cardholder Authentication Tools

BAMS provides a single integration for multi-tiered access to all of your fraud prevention needs. These tools screen and block suspicious activity by authenticating the cardholder and considerably reducing chargebacks before they ever happen.

E-Commerce Chargeback Assurance

BAMS has partnered with Signifyd to provide chargeback assurance services with zero fraud liability for any transactions that have been cleared for approval.

Alleviate the need to go through every eCommerce order and take back this time to focus on other important aspects of your business.

For a flat fee based only on approved transactions, leave fraud management to the experts and grow with peace of mind.