Mobile Business Payment Benefits

  • Offline processing

    Continue accepting transactions even if you go offline

  • Line busting

    Reduce check-out times by completing purchases anywhere in the store

  • Go mobile

    Provide secure payment acceptance outside of the store for field sales, food trucks, farmers markets and other service trades

  • Real-time reports

    Manage your sales data, send e-receipts and set up your entire sales team to start taking payments easily

With BAMS mobile payment processing you can:

  • Offer your customers the ability to make in-store and in-person payments when and where they want.
  • Reduce your monthly transaction fees by accessing the guaranteed lowest prices in the industry.
  • Turn any smartphone into a payment terminal, eliminating the need for large, clunky, expensive payment hardware.
  • Reduce in-store lineups by enabling employees to take payments away from the primary checkout area.
  • Continue taking payments without interruption, even if the internet drops and your system goes offline.
  • Access seamlessly integrated mobile payment reporting.
  • Tap into the top mobile payments experts in the industry and BAMS’s unmatched service and support.

Why Choose BAMs For Your Mobile Merchant Account

BAMS is the ideal choice for all merchants looking to accept mobile phone payments because we offer the ultimate trifecta of advantages: the best service, the best equipment, and, arguably most important, the guaranteed best prices.

The BAMS Portable Merchant Services Advantage:

At BAMS, we understand that the best service starts with the best people and we’ve built an unmatched team of experts ready to help you with everything from initial questions on mobile credit card processing options, to initial setup, to ongoing maintenance, and everything in between.
We know that our success is based entirely on your success, and we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality, most personalized service in the industry.

The BAMS Mobile Merchant Equipment Advantage:


BAMS mobile merchant accounts offer unparalleled hardware and software integrations, ensuring your business will always have access to the ideal equipment for your specific needs. Whether it’s a tablet-based mobile POS, a simple smartphone-based card reader, or anything else, working with BAMS ensures you’ll be able to get the equipment you need, rather than just settling for the hardware that’s available.


Smartphone Merchant Services That Work


Portable Payments from Anywhere

Convenience is everything in today’s digital world. With BAMS mobile payment solutions, you can begin offering your customers the ability to pay wherever and whenever it’s most convenient for them.

Whether it’s taking a $10 payment for a curbside pickup order outside a restaurant, or taking a $10,000 payment from a B2B client at their offices, making payment as easy as possible for the customer shows them that you put their time and needs above all else — a key factor in developing strong relationships and repeat business.


Line Busting with In-Store Mobile Payments

Nothing frustrates customers like a long line, but cashiers are only human and sometimes a backlog of customers waiting to pay is unavoidable. Stand-alone self-service payment kiosks are an option, but they’re extremely expensive and require specialized training and maintenance. So, how can you save your customers the time and headache of waiting in line without breaking the bank?

Mobile payment systems empower customers to pay for their purchases from anywhere in-store, easing the load on your cashiers, shortening the line for the people that choose to get in it, and getting every customer through the checkout process faster, regardless of how they choose to pay. Faster time-to-purchase is a win-win for everyone involved, making mobile in-store payments an easy choice.


Offline Mobile Payment Processing

BAMS mobile payment systems offer complete offline functionality, ensuring that even when the system is offline, payments can still be made and business can continue as usual. This can’t be said for all legacy mobile systems. This means you can still make portable merchant services payments on the go with offline mobile processing.

Offline processing functionality is extremely important since your company’s internet going down temporarily isn’t a question of if, but when. Without offline payments, transactions would grind to a halt — a surefire way to usher your customers out the door and to a competitor whose systems are up.

With BAMS, losing connection is never a worry and you can rest assured that even if the internet does go out, your customers won’t even realize it. They’ll be able to access the same fast, convenient, secure payments at all times.


Real-Time Reporting

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and it’s important that your mobile sales are just as easy to track as sales at the counter or on your website. BAMS mobile credit card payment options all offer seamlessly integrated real-time reporting to ensure you’ll always have fast, easy access to the data you need, when and where you need it.

Mobile payment reporting can be accessed separately or aggregated alongside your overall sales data, providing as wide or as narrow a view of your mobile sales operations as needed. BAMS mobile payment systems also offer the ability to send electronic receipts to customers, set up and manage which employees can operate mobile payment hardware, and much more.


How Do Our Portable Merchant Services Work?

BAMS mobile payment services are designed for frictionless adoption and easy use, ensuring you’ll be able to get your system up and running quickly and your employees will be able to start handling mobile payments with little to no learning curve.


Turn Any Smartphone Into a Mobile Checkout

BAMS mobile device payment systems plug directly into any standard smartphone using either the 3.5mm headphone jack, the micro USB port, or, in the case of Apple devices, the Lightning port.

With the hardware plugged in, accepting payment is as simple as opening up your payment app of choice and swiping or tapping the customer’s payment card. The transaction will be processed over the web right through the smartphone, a receipt will be emailed to the customer, and the transaction data and inventory updates will be logged in your systems, all within seconds.

The ability to perform the entire transaction process, from start to finish, from any smartphone represents a new frontier in low-cost, low-friction payment technology, especially for small and hobby businesses without the need for larger payment systems or even a storefront.


Accept EMV-Compliant Payments to Maximize Security

Swipe readers are the simplest and most common form of mobile payment hardware in use today, but they aren’t the safest or the most convenient. EMV-compliant readers allow customers to insert their chip cards, and in many cases, to tap them using nearfield communication (NFC) contactless technology.

Utilizing EMV-compliant mobile payment systems not only ensures your customers’ data is safer, it also helps you unlock lower rates thanks to the reduced risk EMV payments represent. On the customer end, it makes the payment process more contactless — a big factor in a post-COVID world.

BAMS offers a full line of EMV-compliant mobile payment hardware, ensuring both your business and your customers will always benefit from the safest, most convenient mobile payments possible.

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