Competitive Price Guarantee

Competitive Price Guarantee

As a major distributor of Merchant Services, BAMS takes great pride in the affordable prices and great service that we offer our customers.

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We work hard to ensure that our product selection, product availability, reliable service and delivery, and superior customer service work together to create a great shopping experience. We also want our customers to feel confident that Bank Associates Merchant Services consistently offers great savings. For this reason, we offer our Competitive Price Guarantee.


While working with BAMS, if your business is offered a merchant account with a fee schedule lower than your agreement with us, we will gladly match or beat the offer. All clients are eligible for a price-match with BAMS that meet these conditions:

  • Comparisons MUST be from a registered financial service provider with credentials displayed clearly on their website, application and marketing materials.
  • Comparisons of merchant account fee schedules must be provided on official paperwork. Websites and proposals will not be accepted or considered for merchant account fee price-matches.
  • All price matching requests must be sent in writing to