When you sign up for a BAMS eCommerce merchant account, these are some of the features you can expect:

Seamless Integrations

Signing up for an eCommerce merchant account should be easy. And it shouldn’t require making any changes to your current system. That’s why we invest in technology that lets BAMS integrate neatly into your existing eCommerce software and point of sale (POS) systems. You don’t have to change your checkout process. Even better, all you need is one quick update, and you’re ready to get started. A few of our popular integrations include:

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Chargeback Defense

Did you know that chargebacks cost the eCommerce industry about $40 billion dollars every year? Every year! Only about 32% of companies successfully reverse chargebacks more than 45% of the time. As you may already know, chargebacks can cost you more than the money you refund to customers. Ultimately, the higher your chargeback rate, the higher your risk of being stuck in an excessive chargeback program or having your ability to process credit cards compromised.

Sure, there are plenty of programs out there that merchants can use for chargeback protection. But we take the matter so seriously that we wanted to build one right into BAMS, giving you much more than just merchant processing services.

We know how much of a problem chargebacks can be, and we understand that your time is valuable and much better spent building your business and focusing on other important tasks. So, we created our Chargeback Defense feature. With it, our eCommerce merchants get:

  • Instant Dispute Alerts: You receive instant dispute notifications via email or text messaging as well as the ability to export your history to Excel and to receive and monitor retrieval notifications.
  • Online Dispute Management: You won’t have to fax anything or call anyone to respond and fight chargeback disputes all in one online location.
  • E-Commerce Fraud Protection: We’ve partnered up with Verifi to help stop chargebacks before they even have a chance to occur.
  • Cardholder Authentication: We have a single integration for all the tools you need, including those that screen for and block any suspicious activity by authenticating cardholders.
  • E-Commerce Chargeback Assurance: We’ve also partnered with Signifyd to deliver zero fraud liability for any transactions that are cleared for approval.

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Reporting & Analytics

There’s no other platform on the market that offers access to a power-packed CRM with a simple, easy-to-use dashboard and all the tools you need for simplified reconciliation and business operations. BAMS eCommerce merchant accounts get access to IRIS CRM, our proprietary portal that gives you an all-in-one software solution for maximizing profits and streamlining your operations. It lets you see everything in one place, including:

  • Daily deposits and a searchable transaction history
  • Daily transactions broken down by card type
  • Multi-account access to track unlimited businesses or locations in one spot
  • Statements for simplified accounting

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