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Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention
Fraud Prevention

Fighting Online Fraud

Fraud detection and prevention is crucial to maintaining a successful e-commerce business.
As an e-commerce merchant you simply cannot afford to overlook the need for protection against fraud.



The Fight Against Online Transaction Fraud

In the faceless world of the Internet, online transaction fraud is one of the greatest challenges for merchants. According to the results of the 10th annual CyberSource Online Fraud Report, U.S. merchants lost an estimated $4 billion to fraud in 2008. Advanced solutions are needed to protect merchants from this constantly evolving threat. The Authorize.Net Advanced Fraud Detection Suite™ (AFDS) arms you with advanced filters and tools, providing a customizable solution to combat today's most common types of fraud.

All Merchants Are Potential Targets

Regardless of size, transaction volume or Internet expertise, all e-commerce merchants are susceptible to falling prey to any of the various types of online transaction fraud. Hackers and fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated and skillful at manipulating Internet protocols, Web languages and infrastructures to discover any weakness they can exploit. Thousands of online merchants experience suspicious transaction activity and other types of account abuse each day—and it can happen to you.

Combat Online Fraud Using AFDS

By supplementing standard payment gateway features such as AVS and CCV, AFDS helps create an umbrella of protection for your business. With customizable filters and tools, AFDS provides you with a greater degree of control over your incoming transactions, and can potentially prevent costly authorization and chargeback fees, as well as the inventory loss that often results from fraudulent transactions. Benefits of AFDS include:
  • Customizable Filters - Configure AFDS's filters based on your business's processing trends
  • Pending Review - Prevent per-transaction fees by holding, reviewing and declining transactions prior to authorization.
  • Advanced IP Address Tools - Allow or block transactions from specific IP addresses, regions and countries.
  • Suspicious Transaction Search - Use unique filter-specific criteria to search for transactions that have triggered a filter.
  • Suspicious Transaction Reports - Intuitive reporting allows you to research transactions that have triggered one or more filters.
  • Control Response to Customers - Choose from standard customer responses or create your own response for transactions that have tripped one or more filters.
  • E-mail Notification - Receive real-time e-mail notification each time a suspicious transaction triggers one or more filters.

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