Merchant Deposits

  • Daily settlement reports sent via SMS or e-mail
  • Transaction history - searchable from day one
  • Visual monitoring of sales growth trends

Review Daily Transactions

  • Detailed overview of funded transactions
  • Transactions amounts broken down by card type
  • Search for transaction records in seconds

Multi-Account Access

  • Track unlimited locations or businesses from one login
  • Save time and money spent on bookkeeping
  • Easy access to financial statements - all in one place

Statements Backed Up Online

  • Simplify financial accounting in your business
  • Download statements as you need them
  • Full statement history available - from the first month


  • Receive instant dispute notifications via SMS or e-mail
  • Reduce "no response" chargebacks
  • Export your chargeback history to Excel


  • Receive instant retrieval notifications via SMS or e-mail
  • Monitor expiring retrievals prior to their due date
  • Export your retrieval history to Excel

All cards combined into one day and deposited the next day

Many businesses depend on receiving their deposits quickly in order to keep their business running smoothly.

With BAMS’ next day funding, merchants can get their daily deposit one day earlier than the standard funding cycle– as short as 12 hours in some cases – which provides an important cash flow benefit! This is especially true when it’s time to fund payroll or make inventory purchases for the week.

BAMS can provide this for all card types, such as Visa, MC, Discover and American Express! You no longer need to get your American Express in a separate deposit, making your bookkeeping and reconciliation simple and easy!

Learn More: Next Day Funding

Partner with BAMS

We continue to grow as a result of our valuable referral partnerships. So, let’s talk about the various ways we can make a difference in delivering value to both your clients and you. We can deliver additional savings to clients with a group wholesale processing rate when multiple accounts are placed through the same source. You can also earn a residual income stream for each member that becomes a BAMS client or pass those savings along!

Learn More: Affiliates