Month: June 2018

Checkout with Apple Pay for Ecommerce Mobile
Featured Article Checkout with Apple Pay for Ecommerce: How to Capture More Orders from Mobile Devices

Mobile commerce is a subsector of ecommerce and describes all purchases made on a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet. With smartphones an integral part of daily life and rarely more than an arm’s length away, mobile commerce has become a huge driver of overall online shopping and mobile sales in the U.S. alone […]

closeup of businessman working on financial spreadsheet on laptop rearview Does Your Payment Processing Tool Protect You from Chargebacks?
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Whenever a user dispute a credit card charge they find in their credit card history, one of the provider’s first steps is to demand that the retailer returns the value of the charge – this means chargebacks. They protect consumers from fraudulent charges, but they can also be extremely costly to the merchant.

NY Merchant Services concept. Young startup entrepreneur small business owner working at home, packaging and delivery situation. 3 Ways the Right Merchant Services Help You Keep a Positive Cash Flow
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Merchant services play a large role in your business. They help you collect revenue, but they also impact your expenses. Find the right company that doesn’t disrupt your cash flow.

Stack of multicolored credit cards close-up view with selective focus. Don’t Have Dangerous Gaps in PCI Compliance
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When you’re looking for a payment processing service so you can make personal online transactions, you might just use the first thing you come across. But when it comes to your business, you want to back up your choice with some research. Different payment processing tools, like PayPal, Stripe, and BAMS, offer a wide array […]

Payment Processing reports. Numbers graph 3 Ways Payment Processing Reports Can Help Your Marketing Team
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Marketing strategies rely on having information. You need to know as much about your prospective customers as possible so you can reach out to them effectively. A lot of that information comes from your website traffic. What your visitors do, how they interact with the site, and what items they buy form a large part […]