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    We were referred to Dimitri at BAMS by one of our suppliers who told me about their 12 hour funding. I was amazed to find out that not only were our rates outdated, but we have been waiting for our deposits for an unnecessary 2 extra days. Dimitri who has been our rep since day one is very knowledgable of his business and provided us with a customized rate analysis.  

    -- Joseph, Raleigh, NC

    We found out about BAMS through Google. When I called in for information I was told that I'd be receiving all of our deposits within 12 hours after batching out for no additional cost. It was hard to wrap our heads around the idea that switching processors could benefit our bottom line so much!  

    -- Paul S, New York, NY

    We were with our processor for 6 years, since we first started our company. We thought we were happy with our rates because we got similar quotes from every bank we reached out to. BAMS was the only processor who was able to not only beat the quotes we received from other companies, they also promised to speed up our deposit time. As promised, we now pay about 20% less in fees and have our funds being deposited 3 times faster.  

    -- Lily & Jake, New York, NY



    You're awesome! Thanks,

    -- Cynthia, Fort Worth, Texas.


    Dimitri and Drew:

    Thank you, you guys are the best!!!

    -- Gregg, New York, NY.



    I truly appreciate all your hard work. You are a good sales person, I hope your boss knows that. 

    -- Mindy, New York, NY.

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