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B2B Merchant Processing Solutions
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When businesses buy things from each other, how do they do it? While extremely large capital purchases are sometimes made with bank transfers, you might be surprised at just how often even large business expenses are paid for with credit cards. However, accepting B2B credit card payments on major sales is generally not the same […]

Chargeback Protection How Your Business Can Protect Itself Against Chargebacks
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Chargebacks are an unfortunate reality of accepting credit card payments, but they aren’t something businesses have to lie down and accept without a fight. Some chargebacks are completely legitimate, like cases where a purchase was made fraudulently by a third party. But many chargebacks are fraudulent, frivolous, or abuses of the system. In those cases, […]

Merchant Services What Can Merchant Services Do For You?
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Cash may have certainly been king at one point in time, but nowadays, card-based transactions reign supreme for consumers and the businesses they shop at. 77% of consumers prefer to pay with credit and debit cards over cash. With this in mind, making decisions around the payment types you’ll accept as a business owner proves […]

aerial view of NYC. Why a Local NYC Merchant Services Provider is a Good Option
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New York City is one of the biggest cities in the world and is the home to many businesses of all sizes. For those that are based out of New York City, having access to a local merchant service provider would be very beneficial. There are several different benefits of hiring a New York City […]