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The Importance of Great Customer Service in the Merchant Industry
Featured Article The Importance of Great Customer Service in the Merchant Industry

Payment processing is at the heart of every swipe, tap, or entry of a credit or debit payment, making it a crucial service that all merchants depend on. If you’re like most merchants, low fees and value-added services might be the first thing that comes to mind when evaluating potential processing partners, but there’s a […]

Successful Loyalty Model in Merchant Payments Successful Loyalty Model in Merchant Payments
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Have you ever stamped a card in anticipation of a free coffee? Presented a swipe card to gain points towards your next gallon of gas? Signed up for a payment card offering a percentage of your purchase back? If so, you’re already very familiar with customer loyalty programs.  Loyalty programs represent a great way to […]

Loyalty program Take Your Business to the Next Level by Offering a Loyalty Program
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Loyalty programs have been around for a very long time, but today, they’re everywhere. Our wallets are now packed with plastic and paper designed to get us some sort of discount from the stores and brands we love, and with good reason – loyalty cards work. They’re extremely popular with customers because people love discounts, […]

Gift Cards Why You Should Offer Gift Cards to Your Customers and How They Impact Your Company’s Revenue
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Sometimes you just don’t have the time or personal knowledge necessary to purchase someone a truly personal gift, and in those instances, nothing beats a gift card. They’re kind of like cash, but not nearly as impersonal, and the convenience they provide for the giver and recipient makes them incredibly popular. But gift cards aren’t […]

Laptop with online gift card Tangible Benefits of Adding a Loyalty Card to Your Loyalty Program
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Loyalty cards are becoming a staple of the modern shopping experience. That means companies that don’t include loyalty programs, discount cards, and other incentives for recurring shopping trips are likely to miss out on return customers. Many companies are starting to centralize their loyalty programs in an app, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting rid […]

3D Rendering, shopping concept with gift card Increase Employee Morale with Personalized Online Gift Cards
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Companies are constantly looking for ways to increase morale among their employees. Whether it’s recognizing hard work, a Christmas or birthday present or simply saying “Thank you!” for sticking with the company. The giver wants a unique way that will be appreciated and remembered. That’s where original gift cards come in.