Restaurant Payments

The Best Payments Processing Service Provider For Restaurants

From self-ordering kiosks to tabletop and handheld server tablets, restaurateurs are finding new ways to invest in customer experience. Having a point of sale (POS) and payment processing system that’s both reliable, secure, and flexible is one area, in particular, that’s of primary focus. Thanks to technology and the rise of digital, the restaurant industry has seen its fair share of evolution over the last decade.

You need to partner with a service provider you can trust when handling the payments of your customers, especially as POS data breaches become more commonplace.

For the sake of your customer’s satisfaction and the long-term success of your restaurant business, this is why BAMS is the best payments processing service provider for restaurants:

#1: It’s Easy to Integrate with Your Existing POS

Putting BAMS to work for your restaurant business shouldn’t require a change in your existing POS technology. After all, convenience and organization are key when it comes to managing payments successfully. This is why BAMS payment processing integrates seamlessly with a wide range of popular restaurant POS systems, including Braintree, MICROS, FreedomPay, and ShopKeep.

Best of all, when it comes to support, our specialists are experienced with a variety of systems, which allows for easy setup and troubleshooting throughout.

#2: It Enables EMV POS Transactions

The shift to EMV (which stands for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) has been gradually taking place across restaurants within the last five years.

Consumer cards have become globally equipped with computer chips in an effort to protect consumers and reduce the risk of fraud. And because of this, restaurants have had to keep up with emerging POS and payment processing technology that complies with new liability rules around consumer data.

If your current POS doesn’t read EMV chip transactions, you’re putting both your business and customers at risk. Along with our processing system, BAMS’ EMV POS solutions are easy to install, set up, and integrate into your current customer experience workflow.

#3: It Centralizes Your Analytics

Storing your customer data is one thing, but making it easily accessible and actionable can change the way you do business. BAMS provides an easy-to-use analytics dashboard for restaurant businesses, providing an ongoing glimpse into business operations.

Additionally, BAMS e-commerce merchant accounts gain access to our proprietary portal — one that allows you to better streamline operations to maximize profit down the road. Storing all of this data in one CRM also helps you improve upon customer experience with easily searchable transaction history, as well as statements for simplified reconciliation.

Final Thoughts: The Best Payments Processing Service Provider for Restaurants

When it comes to the success of your restaurant business, payment processing is one piece of the puzzle where you do not want to cut corners. For the sake of customer satisfaction, security, and peace of mind as a restauranteur, partner with a payment processing service provider you can trust.

Eager to learn more about whether BAMS’ solutions are right for you? Contact our team today to request a free quote.