BAMS Can Improve Your Cash Flow

4 Ways BAMS Can Improve Your Cash Flow

Strong positive cash flow is one of the single most important factors in maintaining a healthy business, and anything you can do to boost and protect it is worthwhile. BAMS has designed a number of solutions to help ensure our merchants always have the positive cash flow they need to keep operations running smoothly and growth increasing steadily. Those include financial solutions aimed at directly impacting cash flow, as well as technological solutions provided by the free access our merchants get to IRIS CRM – the leading customer resource management tool in the payments industry. The following are four of the top features BAMS offers to help you ensure healthy cash flow, representing just a few of the unmatched benefits of partnering with us.

1. Expedite collection on accounts receivable through emailed invoices.

Outstanding accounts bleed your cash flow dry, making it incredibly important to collect on receivables as quickly as possible. One of the best ways to speed up collection is to speed up invoicing. The faster your clients get an invoice in front of them, the faster their payments will come in. Paper invoices are slow, easy to misplace, and inefficient, making them a poor choice for effective billing. Email, on the other hand, enables you to send your invoices out instantly and ensures that the client will not only see them but will have easy reference to them at all times. IRIS CRM makes it possible for BAMS merchants to quickly and easily create and send email invoices in a matter of a few clicks, ensuring faster billing, and, in turn, faster payment.

2. Ensure payment though recurring billings on a scheduled frequency.

Recurring billing is a pain when handled manually because it requires you or your staff to manually send out an invoice on-time, at the same time, period in and period out. Not only is it time-consuming and annoying, but it’s also easy to miss scheduled billing dates, resulting in invoices going out late or – worse – not at all. IRIS CRM’s advanced billing suite makes it possible to set up easy-to-manage recurring billing schedules to ensure invoices go out automatically with whatever frequency you choose. The result is set-and-forget billing that requires your team to do the work once instead of once per month and ensures payments come in on-time and worry-free. 

3. Have access to funds faster thanks to next-day funding. 

Your cashflow depends on having access to your money, which means payment processors that delay in delivering your funds can have a very detrimental impact on your books. At BAMS, we understand how important that quick access is, which is why we offer next day funding with later cutoff times than our competitors, at no extra cost. Any batch that is processed by the 9:00 pm next-day funding cutoff will be available in your account by 7:00 am the following business day! That’s especially important for merchants that make heavy sales on the weekends and don’t want to have to wait until Tuesday to access Friday and Saturday’s funds!

4. Get a capital injection through our financing program.

At BAMS, we understand that your success is our success, and as your partners, we want to ensure that you have access to the capital you need to ensure healthy operations and growth. We’ve partnered with Fundomate to make it easier than ever for BAMS merchants to apply for and receive capital injections using our easy online application form and Fundomate’s revolutionary search engine. All you need to do is fill out the quick two-minute funding application on our website and then select from the up to 20 offers generated by the engine. Upon selection, funding is usually available within 24 to 48 hours, ensuring you can get to work growing your business without delay. 


For more information on how BAMS’ merchant services can help your company build and maintain the healthiest cash flow possible, while also saving you money on your transaction processing fees.