Meeting your merchant services payment processing partner and shaking hands with smiles

NYC Merchant Services – No Place Like Home Startup

How is your business doing? Is your startup ready to rock and roll or is your well established SaaS business steadily growing? Perfect. That means that your stress and headache over the intricacies of payment processing are a distant memory – right?

The Strange World of Finance

It isn’t odd if you aren’t quite ready or if this land of financial transactions still feels a bit like the land of Oz. With the multitude of considerations and strange industry verbiage heard here, it might cause some disorientation. From integrating payment processing systems or setting up a useful reporting system to handling EMV payment structures or maintaining PCI compliance, there may be quite a few flying monkeys and singing dwarfs to distract you.

The Comforts of Home Startup

Not only is it important to have a reliable, trusted and successful payment processing partner – how much nicer would it be if that partner was someone familiar? You already understand the importance of cash flow and how that can determine the success or failure of your startup or the continued success of your growing company. Isn’t it hard enough to deal with the processes, systems, and jargon surrounding the payment processing landscape? Working with people who know your demographic, your language and the nuances of New York will make this strange land a little less strange.

Dorothy only had to click her heels three times, having someone local to address your immediate and real payment processing concerns will quickly remind you too – that there really is “no place like home.” Contact us to find out how NYC Merchant Services will alleviate the headaches of payment processing, provide a familiarity you will appreciate and afford a comfort that might feel, a little like home.