Why It’s Important for Your Payment Processor to Offer a Free Authorize.net Gateway

Why It’s Important for Your Payment Processor to Offer a Free Authorize.net Gateway

In order to accept online payments, a business has to have a special gateway to connect to the processing system. One of the most-used and trouble-free solutions is to use Authorize.net, which is the leading online payment gateway provider. Authorize.net can also process transactions that are entered directly into its system, so it’s easy for you to sell products and services from a remote, but physical location such as a fair. Getting setup with them, however, requires going through a payment processing company – they do not deal directly with end-users.

Some processors charge high set-up fees to add Authorize.net to your account because they know that your only other option is to use a less well-known, and possibly unreliable, solution. This adds the expense to your set-up cost that, as it turns out, is entirely avoidable.

Free Authorize.net Gateway Account

Avoiding the set-up cost is simple. All you need to do is choose a provider that offers a free authorize.net gateway as part of its package. Then, you do not only get free access to Authorize.net, but the account creation is done for you. You’ll just need to take care of the technical details of connecting your site, something your merchant services agent can likely help you do. With many shopping cart software options, all you need to do for this is enter your account number into the relevant fields.

BAMS, a leading payment processor, does more than just give you the free gateway. They provide physical payment solutions as well as virtual ones, and they examine your application to find cost savings for you whenever possible. This makes it easy for you to get all of your payment needs to be handled under one roof at the lowest possible cost. To learn more, just contact us and we’ll explain all that you need to know.