SHASHI Socks – BAMS Success Stories

At BAMS, we take a lot of pride in helping our clients grow their businesses. We are always excited to hear about a client that is finding a lot of success because when our clients succeed, we are succeeding as well.

Natalie Lerch Sudit founded SHASHI in Boca Raton, Florida 10 years ago. Sudit was a Barre and Pilates enthusiast who became certified in order to better understand the mechanics of movement. She spent hours and hours in hot, boring, bulky socks that just weren’t getting the job done, so Sudit decided to create her own socks.

The idea was a sock that would perform without the need for excessive fabric, but also was beautiful on-foot and would make a simple fashion statement. SHASHI was born, as the perfect accessory to an everyday wardrobe.

“At SHASHI, we value quality, innovative design, and customer service – which we take to new heights and are definitely the trend leader,” Sudit says. “The goal is not only to have the most desirable product on the market, but to continue to improve and evolve.”

SHASHI is a proud BAMS client, and Sudit has been very happy with her experience.

“[BAMS is] awesome! I am not alone and am grateful to have Ashley to help me when I have questions.” – Natalie Sudit.

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