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The 5 BigCommerce Apps Your Store Needs Today
Featured Article The 5 BigCommerce Apps Your Store Needs Today

Feeling the pinch of competition? Desiring to elevate your sales? Ecommerce retargeting is the silver bullet you’re looking for. This robust marketing approach leverages technology to cater ads to individuals who’ve previously engaged with your brand online or visited your ecommerce store. By embracing this strategy, you will replace one-size-fits-all ads with personalized product suggestions […]

Apple Pay Digital Transactions & Mobile Payments 101
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Digital transactions — credit cards, online payment gateways, Apple Pay — have already supplanted cash as our preferred payment method, with cash falling even further out of favor in the wake of the global pandemic. Yet, despite growing consumer demand for a wider and wider array of electronic payment options, there are still merchants all […]

Advantages of Mobile Merchant Account Services Advantages of Mobile Merchant Account Services
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Mobile merchant account services enable merchants to free payments from the front checkout and start taking them on the move, where and when they’re needed. Systems include wifi-based handheld payment terminals paired with point-of-sale systems, card readers that can be plugged into any smartphone or tablet, and digital wallets like Apple Pay that turn the […]

Mobile Merchant Account Processing Mobile Merchant Account Processing
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Cash payments have fallen out of favor, making up only 12% of transactions in the U.S. in 2020. The global COVID-19 pandemic has driven that down even further as health-conscious consumers have flocked to contactless payments. With card payments now the standard, even the smallest merchants need to find ways to move away from cash […]

Mobile Payments Three Different Types of Mobile Payments Explained
Read MoreThree Different Types of Mobile Payments Explained

Mobile devices have become an ingrained and integral part of our daily lives. Today, over 80% of adults in the United States own a smartphone, and roughly half own a tablet. More than just communication tools, those mobile devices exist to entertain us and make our lives easier, and, unsurprisingly, they’ve become a go-to tool […]