The Importance of Great Customer Service in the Merchant Industry

The Importance of Great Customer Service in the Merchant Industry

Payment processing is at the heart of every swipe, tap, or entry of a credit or debit payment, making it a crucial service that all merchants depend on. If you’re like most merchants, low fees and value-added services might be the first thing that comes to mind when evaluating potential processing partners, but there’s a less defined yet equally important factor that should be near the top of the list as well – quality of customer service

In merchant services, the difference between great and mediocre customer service can be the difference between peace of mind and headache, smooth operations and chaos, or even profit and loss. The following is a high-level breakdown of how and where great service can impact your business and why it’s so important to partner with a processor like BAMS that offers you experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated support professionals. 

Great Service Ensures Setup and Transition are as Easy as Possible

Whether you’re a new merchant looking to accept credit cards for the first time or an established merchant looking to make a switch, great customer service is the key to minimizing headaches and enjoying the smoothest possible onboarding and setup. 

Filling out processing agreements and sorting out application documentation can be a major pain without help, and getting anything wrong can lead to delays in approval or even rejection. Having a dedicated support specialist to walk you through the application process and help you transition any existing services to the new processor will ensure you can get your new payment services up and running with zero interruption to your business. 

“I own a truck management company…when customers and partners repeatedly asked if I could accept credit card payments I reached out to multiple merchant service providers but found the process to be tedious and difficult. That was until I found [BAMS]… the process was simple and easy and now I’m able to accept credit card payments through a virtual terminal that is extremely easy to use.”

– Jamal Dyer


Great Service Ensures You’ll Always Have the Right Systems Are In Place

With your processing services setup, you’ll need certain systems to begin taking payments. Whether it’s a payment gateway or ecommerce system to enable you to sell on the web, a point-of-sale system to enable complex in-store sales, or even just a single card reader to let you make quick credit card sales on the fly, knowing which hardware and software are right for your business can be difficult. 

Having a dedicated support specialist to help you with questions regarding your processing services, your payment systems, and your ongoing operations ensures you’ll always be able to run your business as smoothly as possible while minimizing costs and getting the highest return on the investments you make into payment systems. 


Great Service Ensures You’ll Always Have a Trusted Advisor on Complex Issues

The payments industry is complex, and occasionally merchants can run into complex issues that are both intimidating and have potentially serious consequences on operations. For instance, PCI compliance is a critical aspect of payment processing that protects client data from improper access and protects merchants from unnecessary liability. Unfortunately, meeting PCI requirements is an involved and often confusing process that can be easy to get wrong – with major consequences. 

Having an experienced, dedicated support specialist ensures that whenever complex issues like PCI compliance come up, you’ll always have someone to turn to for guidance that knows the details of your business and your operations and how you fit into the greater payments industry. That deep knowledge, not just of how the complexities of the payment industry work, but of how they impact your company’s needs and profitability, is something generic customer service just can’t offer. 


Great Customer Service Provides You with Peace of Mind

There is nothing more frustrating or even distressing than being unable to access customer support when you and your business need it most. A dedicated support specialist ensures that whenever you’re in a bind, have a question, or need advice, you’ll be able to get the help you need, when you need it, from someone that knows you and your business inside and out. 

With BAMS, you’ll be assigned a dedicated support specialist from day one who will ensure your entire journey with BAMS, from initial application and onboarding through the entire life of your partnership with us, will be as frictionless, headache-free, and positive as possible. Best of all, you’ll develop a true long-term relationship with your dedicated support specialists that will reflect the fact that, at BAMS, we view you as a true partner, and we understand that we only succeed when you do. 

All in all, that relationship will provide you with peace of mind that just isn’t available from competing processors, which, combined with our guaranteed low pricing, makes BAMS the easy choice for your merchant services. 

“We here at Allen Funeral Home have been working with BAMS for many years and we are delighted with the service here. Our rep Tom, who’s now like family to us, makes sure no stones go unturned helping us solve an issue. We are grateful to have someone like Tom there.”

– Vivian Galloway

To find out more about BAMS, our industry-best support team, our guaranteed low pricing, and how we can improve your processing services, get started with your free five-point price comparison today.