The Top Seven BigCommerce Integrations for 2020

The Top Seven BigCommerce Integrations for 2020

BigCommerce is one of the most popular and most functional eCommerce platforms currently available, and one of the reasons the company enjoys the success it does is their commitment to working with 3rd party app developers. Those developers bring a constant stream of new applications and functionality to the core BigCommerce platform, ensuring store owners can streamline and customize all areas of operations to ensure optimum profitability. The BigCommerce app store is vast, but the following are five of the best apps available to merchants in 2020. 


Sending customers a receipt at the end of transactions is viewed by most businesses as a formality, but it actually represents a huge opportunity. Order confirmation and receipt emails have an open rate above 60%, destroying the average open rates for most marketing emails. That means getting marketing messages into receipt emails is the best way to get them seen. Receiptful, now known as CMCommerce on the BigCommerce plugin store, is a service that provides professionally designed receipt email templates designed to make it easy to insert upsell offers and marketing messages right alongside a customer’s order history. Doing so massively boosts the odds of those offers generating engagement, making putting this plugin to work an easy choice.



ShipperHQ is a BigCommerce app designed to streamline your shipping rules and make the process of calculating and selecting shipping both easier and cheaper for your customers. The app enables you to build custom shipping rules for all of your customers based on location, package type, and more. It also enables you to keep things flexible by calculating shipping on the fly based on the customer’s IP address, ensuring an accurate shipping cost is always displayed and eliminating surprise shipping costs – one of the top causes of online cart abandonment. 



Sumo is a conversion machine that helps you maximize conversions at all stages of your customer’s journey. On the front end, Sumo comes with a series of professionally designed opt-in pages and forms designed to convert interested website visitors into valuable email signups. During the shopping process, Sumo comes with a tool designed to graphically display to customers what discounts they’re eligible for based on their shopping cart value, and how much more they need to put in their cart to qualify. Finally, on checkout, Sumo uses exit offers to help ensure customers follow through all the way to payment, minimizing abandoned shopping carts, which currently represent as high as 80% of all cart outcomes



Reviews are incredibly important to the average consumer’s online decision-making process. But a few reviews won’t do. The average customer requires a company or product to have 40 reviews available before they’ll consider the average rating displayed to be legitimate. That means BigCommerce stores can’t afford to have customers walk away without leaving a positive rating. Yotpo is a review engine that handles all aspects of both gaining and utilizing customer ratings. It uses advanced notifications to help ensure customers don’t forget to leave post-transaction ratings and reviews, and also makes it easier to integrate those reviews into a BigCommerce store through on-page displays, on-site search, and more. It even helps get reviews placed in organic web search results. 



You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and the best way to manage your conversion rates is to constantly split tests, comparing results and improving every aspect of your site one variable at a time. Optimizely is an app designed to integrate with your BigCommerce store and make split testing easier than ever. Optimizely makes it easy to make small tweaks to your store and then display an even distribution of each to your visitors so that reliable data can be generated on each version’s performance. That performance data is then analyzed and displayed within the app for each test, ensuring you can always push your site’s conversion rates further and further with each new split. 


In addition to the right plugins, one major factor in successful web sales on BigCommerce is the right payment processing partner. Choosing your payment processor wisely ensures you’ll have the services and support you need, while also enjoying transaction fees that prioritize your profitability. BAMS has the lowest fees in the industry thanks to our interchange-plus pricing model, and we integrate seamlessly with BigCommerce, enabling you to begin taking credit card payments online in a matter of minutes. Visit to find out more about how a BAMS merchant account can save you money and boost your profitability today!