Alan Pendergrass Robes – BAMS Success Stories

At BAMS we are proud to help your business grow, and that’s why we want to introduce one of our clients’ success stories.

Alan Pendergrass Robes was founded 13 years ago in Chaffee, MO. Its founder Alan Pendergrass used to run his family business for many years before leaving and starting his own business (without the family).

Providing extremely fast shipping, extremely fast communication and keeping inventory in stock have been some of the keys to this business’s success.  Alan has also partnered with retail stores and spas to provide personalization or monogramming services to help make the robes stand out.

Alan was leery of making a change, having been put off by what he felt were misrepresentations by unethical companies he had dealt with in the past.

When he was first approached by us he did not make the switch right away, but the BAMS sales specialist Ashley Moore recontacted him a year later and he decided to give BAMS a chance.

Alan Pendergrass

So far BAMS 100% did what they said they would do with no hidden surprises.” – Alan Pendergrass

If you need to get some customized robes or learn more about Alan’s business please visit his website

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