The Top 5 Best Clover Apps for 2022

The Top 5 Best Clover Apps for 2022

Clover is a popular small business point of sale system, offering retailers and restaurants intuitive POS software and a wide variety of hardware choices. But one of Clover’s most standout features is its well-stocked third-party app market, which enables Clover users to expand and refine the capabilities of their systems, as needed, in a matter of minutes. With over 100 applications available, the market offers something for every business, but figuring out where to start can be a daunting task. With that in mind, the following are five of the most beneficial and most popular Clover apps available today, and any one of them would make a great jumping-off point for users looking to try out new Clover integrations

1) Time Clock by Homebase

Time Clock is an extremely popular, free time tracking app from Homebase – a leading provider of Clover tools. Time Clock offers easy time tracking that enables employees to punch in and out with a unique PIN from any device connected to the POS. It also enables managers to monitor employees remotely from anywhere, including live alerts whenever late arrivals or early departures occur. Time Clock is an effective and extremely cost-efficient way to minimize time theft and control labor costs, leading to its consistent place as one of the app market’s top downloads. 

Price: Free for basic, $19.95/month and up for professional versions. 


2) QuickBooks by Commerce Sync

QuickBooks by Commerce Sync is an automated bookkeeper that synchronizes Clover with a user’s QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online accounts. The system automatically enters sales data each night without the need for any manual intervention, although business owners can add, remove, or edit data after the fact as with any other QuickBooks entry. By eliminating the need to manually transfer sales data into accounting software, QuickBooks by Commerce Sync saves users up to 300 hours per year. It also helps eliminate potentially costly data entry errors, ensuring accounts are always as accurate as possible. 

Price: $12.00/month for Essential, $32.00/month for Expert. 


3) Thrive by Shopventory

Thrive is a premium inventory management application that offers Clover users an extremely deep set of features to help them reduce costs, control inventory, manage their supply chain, and keep business running smoothly. Inventory management features include multi-location and warehouse inventory controls, scan-to-count, bundle management, smartphone barcode scanning, stock analysis, and more. Available analytics include inventory value, dead stock, margin tracking, sales channel analysis, vendor reporting, and more, all available through a fully searchable and customizable reporting dashboard. While Thrive is an expensive app, the value it provides makes it more than worth it for any business managing even slightly complex inventory. 

Price: $99/month for Standard, $299/month for Professional, $499/month for Elite, $999/month for Enterprise 


4) Smart Online Order by Zaytech

Smart Online Order connects a company’s inventory to their website to create an ecommerce solution that sends web orders directly to Clover POS. The system works on a pay-per-order model with prices varying depending on whether a business chooses to purchase a monthly subscription or engage on a purely per-action basis. Smart Online Order works with all the most popular self-serve website providers, including CMS systems like WordPress. It also offers an optional branded mobile application at an extra cost. Overall, Smart Online Order is an effective and easy-to-use solution for merchants looking to connect brick-and-mortar locations to ecommerce websites to enable in-store pickup. 

Price: $1.61/order pay-per-action, $0.99/order with subscription. 


5) Analytics BusinessQ by Qualia

Analytics BusinessQ is a Clover intelligence app geared towards business owners and accounting/finance employees. It mines the enormous amount of data produced every time an item is sold through Clover and creates attractive, easy-to-use reports covering just about everything a business could want to know about their sales. The app offers both at-a-glance and detailed multi-location reports covering things like profitability, employee performance, customer information, hourly sales distribution, and much, much more. While the price for more advanced subscriptions is high, the value Analytics BusinessQ provides to merchants is undeniable. By taking advantage of the data generated by Clover, business owners, managers, and accountants can make better decisions and maximize both profitability and growth. 

Price: $15.95/month for Lite, $31.95/month for Basic, $34.45/month for Advanced, $125.00/month for Professional


Integrate Clover with a Leading Retail or Restaurant Merchant Account

The huge variety of third-party apps Clover offers users is just one of the many reasons its POS is one of the most popular options on the market today. Businesses using Clover apps to improve profitability and growth should consider integrating it with a merchant account that also focuses on maximizing profitability. BAMS merchant accounts seamlessly integrate with Clover and dozens of other top POS systems, and the BAMS interchange-plus pricing model also ensures merchants have access to the most competitive transaction fees in the industry – guaranteed. 


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