Top Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Tools

Five Top Ecommerce Fraud Prevention Tools for 2020

With each passing year, bad actors find newer and more creative ways to scam eCommerce stores, costing merchants and payment processors billions of dollars annually. With that in mind, it’s extremely important that online businesses take the necessary steps to minimize the chances of falling victim to online fraud, including all-too-common chargeback fraud. The following are three of the top fraud detection and prevention services available to merchants in 2020, each of which represents multiple layers of protection that can be applied to each and every transaction processed. 



Subuno is a fraud prevention suite that comes with a multitude of tools designed to integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, and Yahoo! It also offers custom API integration. Subuno’s fraud prevention tools include:

  • Risk scoring to automatically flag fraudulent orders and stop them in their tracks before checkout is even completed. 
  • A rules engine enabling business rules to be automated, including blacklists, allow lists, and fraud prevention checks. 
  • A review dashboard that enables faster and more accurate manual review of transactions, complete with color-coded warnings. 
  • Custom API fields enabling internal fraud detection systems to be integrated with the Subrono system. 

Subuno is available for as little as $19/month for up to 800 transactions, with higher-end packages allowing up to 25,000 transactions per month.



Riskified offers three risk management and fraud prevention tools for eCommerce online merchants: Chargeback Guarantee, Account Protection, and Pre-Auth Decisions. Chargeback guarantee is designed to help detect fraudulent chargebacks and guarantee each approved transaction, so all liability is shifted from away from the merchant. Account protection uses AI to secure customer accounts against account takeovers (ATOs), a rising threat online. Pre-Auth Decisions uses pre-authorized risk analysis to help reduce declined payments, even under the tightest conditions like Europe’s PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). Their solutions work with both Magneto and Shopify, and pricing is set on a custom basis depending on customer transaction volume. 


Fraudlabs Pro

Fraudlabs Pro is a complete fraud eCommerce prevention suite that protects online merchants by adding multiple layers of detection and prevention to the online checkout process. It enables the screening of every single transaction using multiple levels of validation, including preset rules, blacklists, and 11 levels of validation, including IP validation, address verification, user account validation, email validation, and more. It also offers risk scoring through Fraudlabs Pro’s proprietary Fraudlabs Pro Score. Paid plans range from $29.95 to $1249.95 per month, but the company also offers their services completely free to merchants requiring fewer than 500 transaction queries per month. 


In addition to these great fraud prevention tools, one of the best ways to stop fraud before it starts is to partner with a payment processor that takes fraud as seriously as you do. BAMS offers a full suite of fraud detection and chargeback prevention tools to ensure our merchants always enjoy the highest levels of protection possible. Those tools include integration with the cardholder dispute resolution network through Verifi, cardholder authentication using Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode, zero-liability chargeback assurance through Signifyd, and more. 

For more information on BAMS’ chargeback and fraud prevention solutions, speak to a member of the team or get started with our unique five-point price comparison