Saves Businesses Thousands Annually

BAMS Low Cost Payment Processing Saves Businesses Thousands Annually

BAMS has been offering electronic payment processing solutions to thousands of merchants all across the globe for well over a decade. Our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction and savings mean that there are a number of significant benefits to choosing BAMS as a payment processor – benefits that our competitors simply can’t match. From our guaranteed low pricing to our unmatched support, when you partner with BAMS, you truly do gain a partner; one who is as committed to your success as you are.

Low Pricing

BAMS uses interchange-plus pricing, the most transparent and cost-effective pricing model offered in the payment processing industry. The interchange-plus model takes the publicly published credit card interchange rates and adds on a fixed, flat fee that goes to the payment processor. There are no fluctuations or rate hikes in the models, and interchange-plus means BAMS’ merchants can be sure they aren’t being grossly overcharged on low-interchange rate cards like they are with our competitors who charge a single fixed fee regardless of card type. 

Industry-Leading Security

BAMS is fully PCI Level 1 compliant, meaning we offer security that meets or exceeds the highest standards set by the credit card companies. Our merchants can always rest assured that the sensitive payment data transmitted and stored from their card transactions will always be completely secure. We’ll also help your business meet the standards for PCI compliance to ensure you’re always in the good books of the credit card companies and won’t ever have to worry about non-compliance fees. Additionally, BAMS’ systems and infrastructure are regularly penetration tested to ensure that every aspect of our service is walled off and protected from even the newest emerging threats. 

Seamless Integrations 

BAMS seamlessly integrates with dozens of third-party platforms, ensuring our merchants can enjoy the many benefits of our payment processing services while continuing to use their favorite software and IT platforms.  BAMS integrates all the most popular POS systems for retail stores, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses. It also integrates with the most popular e-commerce solutions, making BAMS the perfect partner for handling electronic payment processing both in-store and over the web. To ensure the smoothest possible bookkeeping and accounting, BAMS integrates directly with Intuit QuickBooks, making it possible to automatically log all processed transactions.  

Next-Day Funding

Getting your money in the bank as quickly as possible is a priority for your business, and that makes it a priority for us too. BAMS offers next day funding, so transaction batches submitted before 9 pm will be available in the bank by 7 am the next business day – a turnaround of fewer than twelve hours! That fast access to your money helps ensure healthy cash flow, which is the lifeblood of any healthy business. 

Reporting and CRM Access

BAMS offers a full suite of advanced reporting tools to enable our merchants to quickly and easily generate useable business intelligence. But unlike our competitors that simply offer web-based reporting portals, BAMS reporting is handled through our proprietary customer resource management tool, IRIS CRM. All of our merchants get free access to IRIS CRM, which not only enables better reporting but also offers a full suite of industry-leading productivity tools to improve all other aspects of the business as well. That’s a value proposition that our competitors simply can’t match. 

Personal Support

At BAMS, we don’t view support as a nuisance the way some of our larger competitors do. We won’t make you sift through endless support portal articles or put you through the headache of being shuffled around an automated support system. At BAMS, we assign each of our merchants their own support specialist whose job it is to provide personalized, one-on-one support whenever an issue arises. That means with BAMS, you’ll have a direct line to your support specialist, and you’ll deal with the same person every time, removing all the pain traditionally associated with contacting customer support. 

BAMS Five-Step Price Comparison

At BAMS, we’re so sure that our unbeatable interchange-plus pricing model will save you money that we want to show you exactly where and how we can do it. That’s why we offer our unique five step price comparison. Our team will take your most recent merchant account statement and closely analyze it, providing you with a line-by-line breakdown of exactly where we can cut your fees and by how much. So, while our competitors just make claims, BAMS goes the extra distance to ensure you fully understand the details of the savings our payment processing services offer. 

Contact us today to find out more about how BAMS can take care of your company’s electronic payment processing needs, or submit a quote request to get started with our five-step price comparison to see exactly how much money you can save by becoming a BAMS merchant today!