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Best Clover Apps for 2020 – Take Your Clover POS to the Next Level with these Plugins

Clover is a popular POS system that provides both software and hardware solutions to merchants in industries like retail, service, and dining. In addition to their leading POS application and sleek hardware options like the Clover Mini and Clover Flex, the company also has an app store offering a huge variety of native and third-party applications. The following are four of the most popular and most useful of those apps available to merchants in 2020, but there are hundreds of options available for download, covering everything from inventory management, to fundraising, to games for customers.

QuickBooks by Commerce Sync

QuickBooks, one of the world’s most popular bookkeeping tools, is used by a large percentage of restaurants and retailers. Traditionally, QuickBooks has been a standalone desktop application and taking care of the books required an enormous amount of manual data entry. The QuickBooks Clover app by Commerce Sync helps to eliminate a lot of that manual work by integrating QuickBooks directly with a merchant’s Clover POS. That integration saves businesses 300 hours per year on average, and large restaurants and retailers can expect to save even more. 

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Time Clock by Homebase

Time Clock is an app designed to simplify time tracking and make payroll management easier. Its effectiveness has earned it a spot in Clover’s “must-have” apps, along with a large and loyal userbase. As the app’s name might suggest, Time Clock offers an efficient employee time tracking system, but its functionality goes well beyond punching in and out. It also offers complete employee scheduling, including important scheduling information on everything from labor costs to weather forecasts! Time Clock also includes team collaboration and job posting functions, making it a highly versatile addition to any Clover POS setup. 

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Order Paper by Abreeze Technology

Running out of receipt paper is a pain, and Order Paper by Abreeze aims to make sure it never happens again. This extremely popular Clover app – with a 4.9 overall rating – makes it possible to replenish paper products in as few as three clicks. Once the app is set up, users only need to select the quantity of each paper type they want to order, and then confirm their address prior to submitting. Shipment is free, and payment is automatically handled through the app, making the ordering process as fast and simple as it can possibly be. Abreeze Technology guarantees both the fit and quality of paper products delivered, letting businesses rest easy that they’ll never have to worry about getting stuck without the ability to print receipts unexpectedly. 

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Bar Tab Auths / Register 

Bar Tab Auths is a free app from Clover that enables restaurants to streamline the process of preauthorizing credit cards on newly opened bar tabs. It’s a simple way to shave a little bit of time off a common, repetitive task and to make things as easy as possible for service staff. For users that also want to assign those preauthorizations to specific tables or orders, an advanced functionality version of Bar Tab Auths, called the Register App, is also available from Clover. 

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Clover’s extensive app store makes it a great choice for retailers and restauranteurs of all stripes, but whichever POS a merchant ends up using, it’s important that it can be seamlessly integrated with a low-cost payment processor to ensure that the costs of processing electronic transactions are kept to a minimum. BAMS merchant services integrate with Clover, as well as a host of other leading POS systems, and the BAMS interchange-plus pricing model offers some of the lowest rates available. To find out more about how a BAMS merchant account could help you eliminate a significant chunk of your monthly account statement, signup with BAMS today!