How can BAMS technology help you win more disputes?

How can BAMS technology help you win more disputes?

BAMS has pioneered a new dispute management tool that is included for all merchant clients and bundled into the already award-winning reporting system, IRIS.  BAMS Dispute Manager Assistant will make your life easier, and help you win disputes, by targeting four areas:

  1. Instant dispute notification
  2. Exportable reason code data
  3. Document uploads
  4. Notification of status changes

Instant Dispute Notification

Instant dispute notification

BAMS clients are notified of incoming disputes by SMS and email on day zero.  Notifications through BAMS arrive faster than with payment processors that rely on postal mail ensuring that you have the maximum amount of time to respond.

Exportable Reason Code Data

Exportable reason code data

As discussed understanding, the causes of your chargebacks are a necessity to be able to properly build a strategy for defense.  Through BAMS Dispute Manager Assistant you have the ability to export a historical record of every dispute reason code your business has had while working with BAMS.  This will enable you to audit and analyze the information to determine where your current vulnerabilities lay.

Document Uploads

Document uploads

Historically the method for providing evidence to refute a chargeback was through fax, or if you were lucky maybe email, leaving you waiting for confirmation the documentation was received.  Through BAMS Dispute Manager Assistant dashboard you have the ability to upload your documentation directly to the Chargeback Department, ensuring your documentation is received timely and without issue.

Notification of Status Changes

Notification of status changes

As with the initial chargeback notification, BAMS will keep you abreast of every update on your cases though email, SMS or both.  This will ensure that you are in the loop every step of the way and removes the cumbersome need for manual follow-ups. This information is also always available to you in the dashboard and is historically exportable for a win-loss analysis.

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