How to Use Apple Cash

How to Use Apple Cash

Apple Cash is a new digital payment product designed to make it even easier for Apple device users to send, receive, and manage their money. It works in conjunction with Apple Pay and the Messages App, providing users with a complete, one-stop payment solution. Apple Cash creates a virtual debit card in the user’s digital wallet that enables them to pay in-store and online like any other card, and also enables frictionless direct payments over the Messages app, putting it in direct competition with popular options like Venmo and Cash App.

How to Use Apple Cash on an iPhone

Apple Cash is extremely easy to set up and use, enabling iPhone and iPad owners to get started in a matter of seconds. 

Setting up Apple Cash

To get started with a new virtual card, users can navigate to the “Wallet and Apple Pay” section in their device settings and simply turn on Apple Cash. The virtual debit card will be created automatically and will be instantly ready to use. Users then have the option to fund the account from one of the other cards in their Apple Pay wallet or a linked bank account, or to wait to receive their first payments. 

Using with Apple Pay

The Apple Cash debit card is available in the Apple Pay digital wallet like any other card. And, assuming the user has an adequate balance, it can be used the way other virtual credit and debit cards are, either with a tap at a physical payment terminal or a single click online. Like Apple Pay, payments made with an Apple Cash account also require a biometric verification to ensure transaction security. 

Sending and Requesting Money 

Sending and requesting money in Apple Cash works through Apple Messages. Payments and requests can be launched either from the card in Apple Pay, directly through Messages, or with a Siri command. 

To launch an action from Apple Pay, the user can select the Apple Cash card, tap either “send” or “request,” add a recipient, and then click either “Send with Messages” or “Request with Messages,” which will automatically launch the payment or request from the Messages App. 

Sending and Requesting Money in Messages

To make things quicker, users can also send or request money directly from a conversation in Messages. From within the Messages app, users can simply tap the “cash” button in a conversation and then enter the amount they’d like to send or receive. A personalized message can also be added prior to sending the payment or request. 

Sending and Requesting Money with Siri

Siri recognizes send and request commands referencing both Apple Cash and Apple Pay. As long as the intended recipient is clear, a simple command like “Siri, send $10 to Jim Smith with Apple Cash,” will launch the entire process hands-free. 


Offering Apple Cash to Customers

Offering Apple Cash to customers online is generally as simple as enabling digital wallet payments in the backend of ecommerce systems like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magneto, and others. In-store, the only thing required to accept Apple Cash is a contactless, EMV-compliant payment terminal. If a merchant can already accept tap payments, the odds are they can already accept Apple Cash and Apple Pay as well. 

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