Why Your Store Should Be Accepting Apple Pay – The Top 5 Reasons Apple Pay is a Must for Merchants in 2020

Why Your Store Should Be Accepting Apple Pay – The Top 5 Reasons Apple Pay is a Must for Merchants in 2020

Successful retailers know two things: you have to give customers as many payment options as possible, and you have to ensure they can make those payments quickly. That ensures happy customers in brick and mortar environments and ensures minimized cart abandonment online. All merchants understand the importance of accepting debit and major credit cards, but not all merchants know how much they stand to gain from adopting one of the newer payment solutions on the market – Apple Pay.  Continue reading “Why Your Store Should Be Accepting Apple Pay – The Top 5 Reasons Apple Pay is a Must for Merchants in 2020”

Apple Pay And WooCommerce

Apple Pay and WooCommerce

Why Your WooCommerce Store Needs Apple Pay and How to Get Setup

WooCommerce powers well over a quarter of all online stores and the popularity is due to both the extreme ease of setting up and using the platform and the attractive, user-friendly shopping experience it provides to customers. But as well-designed as they are, WooCommerce stores are still prone to clunky and convoluted checkout processes. Apple Pay – the proprietary payment solution that comes built-in to all Apple devices and computers – can change all that. With Apple Pay enabled, your WooCommerce store’s checkout becomes a completely frictionless process that creates a better experience for your customers, boosts your conversion numbers, and costs you nothing. It’s becoming the payment method of choice of Apple users around the world, and the ease with which it can be integrated into your store makes adopting it an easy decision. 

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Apple Pay and BigCommerce

Apple Pay & BigCommerce

A Match Offering Major Benefits for Both Your Store and Your Customers

BigCommerce is a full-featured and extremely popular eCommerce platform that brings all the infrastructure an eCommerce merchant could need into a single platform. If your store runs on BigCommerce, you also know that it offers a wide variety of checkout options designed to streamline one of the highest-danger points of an online transaction. But cart abandonment is still a big problem, even for BigCommerce stores, and plugging that leak is of prime importance. Apple Pay might just be the best solution to the cart abandonment problem currently available, and, luckily, integrating it with BigCommerce can be handled in a matter of minutes. 

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Apple Pay Basics

Apple Pay

How Apple’s Growing Payments App Can Help Your Business Today

We live in a world where convenience is king, and consumers expect as many payment options as possible. It’s also a world quickly trending towards a cashless economy in the wake of a global pandemic that has made contactless card payments the norm. Today, failing to offer customers contactless payment options in-store could be the difference between making a sale or not, and accepting consumers’ preferred payment options is even more important online where cart abandonment runs rampant and consumer loyalty is essentially nonexistent. 

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