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Via Seating – BAMS Customer Success Stories

Here at BAMS, our clients and their success is our number one priority. When our clients find success, we couldn’t be happier – especially when we’ve been able to contribute to that success. The following is the story of a very successful BAMS client, Via Seating.

Via Seating is a chair manufacturer that produces innovative, comfortable chairs using cutting-edge technology combined with attractive design. First established in 1987 and located in Sparks, NV, Via Seating now produces products in 17 categories of seating, including conference, executive, guest, outdoor, lounge, and the list continues to grow.

The company is dedicated to innovation, ease of use, fast shipping, and quality – including an industry-leading warranty that covers the chair, foam, and labor for 12 years. Via Seating’s target demographic is “anyone who sits in a chair,” and they mean it!

The passion for seating has been there from the very beginning, and CFO Janet Smagala takes great pride in the products that Via Seating offers to the marketplace.

“From our design, to proprietary foam, to the quality workmanship – we make great things happen in a chair!” Smagala says.

Smagala has also been very satisfied with the service and product that they have received from BAMS.

“BAMS provides great customer service and a great product – both things Via prides ourselves on, so it is a perfect partnership.” – Janet Smagala, CFO at Via Seating

Via Seating


If you’d like to learn more about Via Seating, check out their website, on which you can find local representatives in your area.

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