Benefits Of Using A Small Business Payment Processor

Benefits Of Using A Small Business Payment Processor

When you first opened your business you probably knew there would be some complicated financial processes and jargon involved. You know now that it is more complicated than you could have imagined, and just running your business the way you want comes with a lot of headaches. 

There are many business support services available that help keep things moving forward, which you are likely already utilizing. One such service – payment processors – have become vital in today’s technologically-based economy with the need for speed, accuracy, and versatility in conducting transactions. 

But who to choose from when payment processing is offered by so many? Value-added resellers (VARs) can bundle payment processing with other business services. Independent sales organizations (ISOs), merchant service providers (MSPs), and eCommerce businesses are also vying to be your provider. 

It may surprise you that even with its magnitude of importance and global adaptability, choosing a small business payment processing solution isn’t always a quick and easy choice. Luckily, BAMS offers more benefits and value than you can receive from other institutions, giving you the flexibility and stability you need for your business.

What A Payment Processor Does

The obvious benefits of any payment processor are the ability to accept different forms of payment from customers – like debit and credit cards, gift cards, pre-paid cards, and payments done through a mobile device – and evaluating products and services your business offers through an assessment of sales. Other benefits you can take advantage of with the right payment processor solution include:

  • integration of your payment processing with your business’s specialized systems
  • flexibility to adapt to changing forms of payment in the marketplace
  • reduced human error in the transaction process
  • save valuable time at check-out 
  • shorter waiting periods between invoice payments and cash status

Why Choose A Small Business Payment Processing Solution?

As you’re considering small business payment processing solutions, it’s important to take a look at the value, features, and options available. One thing you’ll want to consider is the customer service available. Just like you want to treat your customers right, it’s important to make sure that you’re treated right by your payment processor. In this sector, great customer service helps save you time and money, allowing you to focus on running your business the way that you want. At BAMS, we know this is a core principle of running a successful small business payment processing solution, and you’ll quickly find that our customer service is second to none.

Fast And Easy Setup

If yours is a new business trying to get set up to accept a variety of forms of payment, getting it all done quickly and correctly is key. You need the influx of money as soon as possible to ensure business operations run smoothly month to month – and even day today. It’s important to be able to accept your customer’s preferred method of payment, and being able to take multiple forms of payment can help expand your customer base. 

Filing all the paperwork associated with setting up payment processing can be a real hassle with the very real possibility of rejection if everything is not done correctly. BAMS offers you a personalized and dedicated team to not only make sure your system is up and running as quickly as you need it, but also walk you through the application process and help ensure that you have the paperwork and processes completely properly.

A lot of aspects of the payment process industry are complex and rightfully intimidating to those wishing to take advantage of the flexibility offered. Just knowing the right system for your business takes the right knowledge and insight, and your BAMS customer service representative will help determine the best options for your business. Whether you simply need a single card reader, a payment gateway, or a way to accept payments online, we have the knowledge and skill to help you understand what you need and get it. This will help your business become as efficient as possible and get the most return on your investment.

Value-Added Features

Since its founding in 2006, we have aimed to deliver a competitive edge by boosting our clients’ profitability by giving them the latest in innovative technology as well as the best, personalized customer service in the industry. Our value-added features reflect this:

  • Chargeback defense – contested payments by your customers is stressful and can affect your reputation as well as your pocketbook. BAMS chargeback defense offers an all-in-one system for immediate alerts when chargebacks happen, as well as fraud detection and dispute management.
  • Reporting and analytics –  gain exclusive access to proprietary tools from BAMS, like IRIS CRM. This is an all-inclusive dashboard that shows you some of the most important aspects of your business’s health, like daily deposit information and daily transactions that are broken down by card type. Plus, you get these features for an unlimited number of businesses you manage.
  • Integrations – BAMS payment process services can be integrated into many existing POS systems, so you won’t have to change what you already have.
  • PCI Compliance – you don’t have to stress over compliance issues. BAMS’ dedicated and personalized team of experts is always there to help get your business PCI certified and stay compliant with PCI regulations.
  • Next Day Funding – why not get the most out of today’s technology? BAMS offers a free service to all qualifying merchant clients to access their much-needed funds in as little as 12 hours. Turn in your payment batches by 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and it will hit your account on the next business day. If you turn it in past 7 p.m., you will still receive funds by the second business day.

Leader In Payment Processing Solutions

There are so many more reasons to choose BAMS for your payment processing solutions. We have experts in a wide range of industries, from restaurants, retailers, hospitality, supermarkets, healthcare, and much more to give you personalized service. BAMS begins every relationship with our clients by showing you a price comparison that will outline how you can save money, allowing your business to grow into the dream you’ve envisioned for it. Contact the best small business payment processing solution provider today and learn more at