Faster Cash Flows with Next Day Funding

Faster Cash Flow with Next Day Funding

For businesses that use credit card payment systems, getting their funds is the challenging part. The standard cash flow payout system that banks give to companies sometimes inconveniences businesses when they urgently need the funds. Next day funding systems cut through this gap and offer companies their deposits a day earlier than normal. So, why do you need a fast payout?

Fastens the ACH network

Merchant accounts receive funds into their accounts after two business days using the ACH network. The system processes the merchants overnight between bank accounts and businesses end up receiving their funds two days later. What Next day funding does is it allows the merchant’s service provider to process your request on the same day and start the fund’s transfer into the ACH network before the cut-off time. This system then deposits in the merchant’s bank account the next day.

Funding Improves the efficiency of your company

Delays slow businesses down. Merchants that have high sales, especially during the weekends, usually expect their profits in their accounts by Monday. Improved cash flow enables the activities to run smoothly, and it also allows the firms to grow. Next day funding allows your company to meet the flexibility it needs in running daily operations, keep the books up to date, and make payments quickly without waiting for 2-4 business days.

It’s cheaper to process

Service providers ask for minimal fees when handling this sort of payment. The costs depend on the processing volumes your firm does in a day and on your sales. No additional transaction fees as required by the providers and businesses save more money and enjoy better profits. So, whether you are processing Visa or MasterCard, American Express or Discover the merchant account provider should assure that your funds are in your accounts faster.