The Top 5 Clover Apps

Just the Best Clover Apps – The Top 5 Clover Apps to Improve Your POS Today

Clover is one of the world’s leading POS systems, with over $133 billion in card transactions processed annually for thousands of merchants around the globe. One major selling point that draws many of those merchants to the Clover POS is the robust app market that offers over 150 easy-to-install upgrades and enhancements. The app market makes Clover an extremely flexible POS, but with so much choice, the app market can be a little overwhelming, especially for new users. Luckily, there is a list of the top 5 Clover apps that make an ideal starting point. 

The Top 5  Clover Apps Are:

  • QuickBooks by Commerce Sync
  • Pointy from Google
  • Time Clock by Homebase
  • Order Paper by Abreeze Technology
  • Menufy Online Ordering


QuickBooks by Commerce Sync

Few things are as important to businesses as accurate bookkeeping, and QuickBooks by Commerce Sync makes the task fast and easy by automatically feeding transaction data from Clover into QuickBooks both online or on the desktop. Automating the bookkeeping process can save small businesses 300 hours a year or more on average and ensures nothing gets missed and the numbers are always in order come reporting and tax time. The app offers a number of advanced features and fully supports sales tax, sales categorization, after-hours reconciliation, and much more. 


Pointy from Google

Pointy is an amazing app that integrates with the Clover POS and relays information on local stores’ inventory in real-time to interested shoppers searching on Google. With Pointy, rather than defaulting to major retailers like Amazon, shoppers can check for in-stock items at even the smallest nearby mom and pop shops. As each item of inventory is scanned through the POS upon sale, the Pointy inventory automatically updates. It’s an extremely easy, efficient way for small businesses to provide shoppers with the up-to-date stock information they need. 


Time Clock by Homebase

Time Clock is the top time tracking app on the Clover marketplace and an ideal solution for small businesses looking for an easy way to keep track of hourly employees. Time Clock enables workers to clock in and out by tapping the app on a tablet, phone, or computer, and makes managing and editing timesheets a breeze. Time Clock can also be used to build schedules and even comes with value-added features to assist with hiring, legal compliance, communications, and more. 


Order Paper by Abreeze Technology

There is nothing more annoying than going to refill the receipt printer and finding that paper rolls are out of stock! Order Paper makes that problem a thing of the past by making it easier than ever to order paper on the fly as soon as stock gets low. With Order Paper, staff can replace dwindling receipt rolls in seconds by simply choosing a quantity and confirming the shipping address. Billing and shipping are all handled through the app, offering a frictionless process. 


Menufy Online Ordering

Menufy Online Ordering provides restaurants with near-instantaneous access to an online ecommerce site without the need to hire a developer or do ongoing maintenance. When the app is activated, it automatically creates a fully-branded website with a digital menu populated from the options already stored in Clover. Orders can be placed and paid for online for delivery or pickup, and restaurants can even integrate the system directly with delivery services like DoorDash and Postmates. 


These top 5 Clover apps help merchants get more from their POS, maximizing the return on their investment in their hardware and software. Merchants looking to improve their profits even further should consider switching to a BAMS merchant account. Merchants combining Clover POS with a BAMS account can access the industry’s lowest transaction fees — guaranteed — thanks to BAMS’s interchange-plus pricing model.

To find out more about how BAMS and Clover can help your business reduce your monthly merchant statement, start your custom five-step price comparison today.