American Express and other credit card

Key Benefits of the OptBlue Program

Allowing customers to pay for a product or service using a credit card is a very important convenience that can directly result in higher sales. While there are clear advantages to allowing a consumer to use credit cards for payment, it can result in some drawbacks including the requirement to pay fees and delays in the receipt of cash. For those businesses that accept American Express, taking advantage of the BAMS OptBlue program would be very beneficial. There are a variety of advantages of the OptBlue program that can make it a great investment for any business.

Quicker Turnaround

One of the biggest problems with accepting American Express is that it can take a long time to receive your funds after a sale. With the traditional American Express plan, it can take three to five business days to receive your funds. This can create a cash flow problem and also require a business to use a line of credit, which can increase the borrowing costs. With the OptBlue program, you can receive your funds in as little as 12 hours.


Another advantage of the BAMS OptBlue program is that it can be a far more affordable option than traditional American Express payment programs. With a traditional American Express program, you will incur transaction fees of $3.50 per transaction and a fee of 3.50% for dollar charged. With BAMS OptBlue, the costs are much lower as the transaction fees are only $0.10 per transaction and the fee is as low as 2.30%. For those businesses that take in a lot of different American Express payments on a monthly basis, this can lead to a significant amount of administrative expense reductions.


If you are interested in the BAMS OptBlue program, contact us to learn more about the program benefits and how it can help your company.