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Restore Solutions, Inc. – BAMS Customer Success Stories

BAMS has customers from across the country and in all sorts of industries, and we take pride in the value we bring for every single one of our customers. Restore Solutions, Inc. is a BAMS customer, and they have found a lot of success with their leading products and with the power of BAMS for payment processing!

Restore Solutions, Inc. has been in business for 11 years, with President Chuck Rice at the helm. Restore Solutions was founded with the goal of increasing environmental sustainability in the operating equipment space, and they’ve found a lot of success. 

Restore Solutions’ primary product is a clean-burning fuel, CleanBoost. While modern diesel engines are more efficient than in the past, they still produce soot (unburned fuel), which can combine to produce larger soot particles. This can eventually lead to equipment downtime for cleaning and maintenance, which ends up costing a business quite a lot over time.

With CleanBoost, engines produce a lot less soot and require less maintenance and downtime. One customer, Computer Sciences Corporation, reports that they were able to extend their trucks’ oil change intervals to more than 5 times! 

Restore Solutions’ primary customers are equipment operators across all industries. 

“Equipment operators, trucks, generator sets, power plants, steel mills, ships, taxis, fuelers,” President Chuck Rice shared. “If they burn fuel, we make it clean.”

Rice takes a lot of pride in providing the best product to the marketplace. He has been very satisfied with his experience as a BAMS customer, particularly with the top-notch customer service that our hard-working team provides for every BAMS merchant.

“[Our experience with BAMS has been] great. Jeff Fuhr is the best,” Rice continued. 

If you are interested in doing business with Restore Solutions, Inc., give them a call at (214) 316 – 2453 and the Restore Solutions team will provide all the information you need to get started.