Retail Merchant Services - Flexible Payment Solutions for Small Businesses

Retail Merchant Services – Flexible Payment Solutions for Small Businesses

BAMS Retail Merchant Services Key Points:

  • BAMS offers guaranteed low pricing thanks to our transparent interchange-plus pricing model. 
  • BAMS offers unparalleled customer service delivered by your own dedicated support team including even the most complex tasks like PCI compliance. 
  • BAMS merchants can get access to their funds in as little as ten hours with BAMS next-day funding. 
  • BAMS offers a full suite of tools designed to detect and prevent fraud, as well as a proprietary online dispute management system that makes beating chargebacks easier. 
  • BAMS retail merchant services integrate with a wide variety of leading payment systems, offering merchants unparalleled choice in hardware and software. 
  • BAMS merchants get free access to advanced reporting through IRIS CRM, a top customer resource management platform. 

The relationship between a retailer and their payment processor is one that impacts everything from customer experience to cash flow, making it crucial that you find a processing partner that offers you the best rates and the widest set of value-added services possible. BAMS is a top retail merchant services provider offering industry-best pricing, industry-best features, and industry-best service across a variety of retail sectors. As a BAMS merchant, you can rest assured that getting paid will always be as fast, easy, and affordable as possible, giving you more time to focus on the things that matter — serving your customers and growing your business. 

Guaranteed Lowest Transaction Fees

As a BAMS retail merchant, you’ll have access to the lowest transaction fees available from any payment processor, guaranteed. Our interchange-plus pricing model is based on the actual interchange fees charged by the bank, and adapts dynamically with each transaction to ensure your fees are minimized every time. In addition to being the cheapest fee model available, interchange-plus pricing is also the most transparent, ensuring you’ll always know exactly where your fees are going. 

Industry-Best Service

While guaranteed low pricing keeps your monthly statements down, our team of experienced electronic payment experts will make setting up and maintaining your systems as effortless as possible. As a BAMS merchant, you’ll have access to 24/7 support, including a dedicated personal support team that is ready to answer your questions and handle your issues whenever you may need them. From something as simple as understanding your monthly statements better to the most complex tasks like meeting PCI requirements, the BAMS support team serves as a trusted advisor and a true partner for whom your success is the top priority.  

Next-Day Funding

Any unnecessary delay between the time you make a sale and the time those funds hit your bank account threatens your cash flow and, in turn, your company’s financial health. BAMS is committed to getting you your money faster, and qualifying merchants can access next-day funding to ensure the money from each sale hits the bank as little as ten hours later. BAMS’ 9 PM cutoff time is one of the latest in the industry and any transaction batched before that time will be available by 7 AM the following business day. 

Advanced Fraud Protection

BAMS offers a full suite of advanced fraud protection tools, including partnerships with leading third-party providers like Signifyd, 3D Secure with Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode, and chargeback defense through BAMS Dispute Assistant Manager. Dispute Assistant Manager is a proprietary tool that provides immediate notification of all disputes and brings the entire response process online, speeding it up and making fighting chargebacks easier than ever. 

Unparalleled Choice in Hardware and Software Integrations

BAMS merchant accounts integrate seamlessly with all the best payment hardware and software, including EMV-compliant and contactless in-store payment terminals, point-of-sale systems, mobile payment hardware, digital wallets, and many top online payment gateways. As a BAMS retail merchant, you’ll always have access to the hardware and software you need, and will have unparalleled choice in what you use, ensuring you’ll never be forced into using a single payment system that isn’t ideally suited to your business. 

Access to the Top Payments CRM

BAMS retail merchants get free access to advanced reporting through IRIS CRM, the top customer resource management system in the payments industry. With IRIS CRM, you can gain a more complete picture of your operations and a deeper understanding of your sales and your customers. Better, more accessible data leads to better decision-making and better planning, making a BAMS merchant account a valuable tool in maximizing your long-term growth. 

BAMS retail merchant services offer all these benefits and many more, making our merchant accounts an easy choice for all retailers looking to cut costs and improve every aspect of payment processing. To find out more about how a BAMS merchant account can help your business trim the fat from your monthly statements, gain access to the systems you need, and access the best support team in the industry, click here to get started with your custom five-point price comparison now.