Why Toast POS is a Top Choice for Restaurant Owners Everywhere

Why Toast POS is a Top Choice for Restaurant Owners Everywhere

Toast is one of the leading point-of-sale systems in the world, consistently earning top rankings, particularly in the restaurant industry. There are a number of reasons why so many restaurant owners lean on Toast POS for their dine-in and online ordering operations, including the company’s specialization and the robust set of add-on products that integrate with the core POS. The following represent just some of the most notable in that long list of reasons. 

  • Toast POS is a top-ranking restaurant point-of-sale system.
  • Toast focuses solely on the restaurant industry.
  • Toast POS expands to create a one-stop restaurant management system, including online and mobile ordering, payroll management, guest engagement, counter and kitchen hardware, and more.
  • Toast helps minimize costs and complexity by centralizing operations, but Toast locks merchants into in-house payment processing, with higher-than-average rates.


Toast POS is Restaurant-Specific

One of the biggest reasons restaurant owners should consider Toast is that the company focuses purely on the restaurant industry. While there are dozens of fantastic POS systems that work extremely well in a service environment, Toast’s specialization means that its entire product is designed specifically around the unique needs of restaurant owners — a major benefit, particularly when it comes to ongoing service and support. 

Toast is a One-Stop Restaurant Management System

Toast POS is the company’s flagship product, but they offer a number of additional products designed to turn the Toast system into a complete restaurant control center. Centralizing systems and tasks streamlines management, reduces monthly bills, and minimizes training requirements. 


Toast POS is a cloud-based system that offers everything restaurant owners need in a countertop or handheld point-of-sale. From sales to seating to menu management to reporting and analytics, Toast POS is feature-rich and easily scalable. 

Payment Hardware

Toast POS runs on proprietary hardware, ensuring restaurant owners won’t have to worry about interoperability or integration when equipping their restaurant. Toast offers a traditional countertop system with a large touchscreen, wall-mounted kitchen monitors, handheld payment terminals, receipt printers, cash drawers, and more. 

Contactless and Online Ordering

In the post-COVID “new normal,” the more ordering options a restaurant can offer customers, the better. Toast offers restaurant owners tools to facilitate online ordering and delivery, as well as a contactless ordering system that enables customers to order from their own smartphones either at their table or in their car while waiting for curbside pickup. 

Payroll and Scheduling Management

Toast Payroll takes the system beyond ordering and automates payroll management by syncing it with the Toast POS. When employees show up for a shift, they can punch in digitally through Toast, eliminating the need to manually track hours. The system also provides tools for building employee schedules, managing benefit plans, keeping up to date with payroll taxes, and much more. 

Loyalty and Guest Engagement

Toast offers guest engagement systems to keep customers returning over and over again, all integrated directly into the Toast POS and overall management system. Gift cards can be easily created and redeemed right at the counter, and Toast also offers a complete loyalty system that diners can opt into with an email address to begin collecting points with each purchase in a matter of seconds. 


By combining a deep understanding of the restaurant industry with a complete restaurant management system, Toast POS offers restaurant owners a one-stop solution that simplifies operations and helps minimize costs. However, while Toast simplifies billing and costs associated with multiple systems, the company requires users to utilize Toast payment processing for their transactions. As a result, Toast’s above-average transaction fees may render the other savings the system offers moot. 

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